7 Reasons Bennett Shouldn’t Return To Daya In Season 4 of ‘Orange Is The New Black'

Listen, I know this is going to ruffle a few feathers, but trust me on this one: from one Bennett-lover to another, it is time to let that boy GO. When the third season of Orange is the New Black came to an end, people were in an uproar over the fact that Bennett had left Daya. And plenty of people were scared that he had left the show altogether. And while both things may be true, I think we all need to take a collective breath (once the panic dies down) and admit one thing: That is most definitely a good thing.

Now, hear me out. There are a lot of reasons why Bennett and Daya were our go-to Litchfield couple. I’m right with you on this one. I swooned over his proposal, felt butterflies in my stomach when they first made love, and felt damn pleased when Bennett got Mendez fired by claiming Daya’s baby was his. But enough time has passed since the season ended for me to get over my initial shock of the last episode and realize that Bennett leaving Daya is probably the best thing for her. Not convinced? Just in case, here is a list of reasons why Bennett running for the hills was a good thing, and why I secretly hope he never comes back. Well, at least not to Daya. To Litchfield, sure. But definitely not to Daya.

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1. He Obviously Can’t Handle the Responsibility


If he’s going to run when things get tough, loving him is going to be a long road to hoe for Daya. And she doesn’t need that drama; she’s got enough to deal with as is.

2. He Doesn’t Understand Her Life


What does a guy like Bennett understand about the struggles Daya has faced in her life? Probably not much. And how much has she actually shared with him about it? Probably not much. But I bet if she did, he would run just as fast as he did after that encounter with Cesar.

3. He Doesn’t Like Her Family


Ummm, dude hightailed it as soon as he saw how Cesar treated his kids. Which, granted, was crazy scary, but you know Bennett’s not going to be able to handle Daya’s family after that incident.

4. He Trashed Her Crib.

As soon as he did this, I was like, “Done. Sorry. See ya later.” You don’t mess with a family heirloom.

5. The Whole Prisoner-Prison Guard Thing


I know we don’t talk about it much, but we gotta get real about this: Sex when there is a power imbalance, like between a teacher and student or an adult and a child or a prison guard and his prisoner, is not OK. There can be no consent when one person is in a position of power.

6. Daya Deserves a Fresh Start


After she gets out of prison, Daya doesn’t need a baby daddy holding her to that area forever. She deserves to a better life than she ever dreamed of.

7. Bennett Needs to Heal Some Serious Wounds


I mean, running at the first sign of violence? Flashing back to the war when someone pulls a gun? Bennett has some serious healing to do, and I hope he does it before he even thinks about coming back to Litchfield.

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