Lush Cosmetics & All Out Partner To Celebrate LGBT Rights With A Limited Edition "Love Soap"

When it comes to natural, ethical beauty products, Lush has got it on lockdown. And as if this ever-expanding company wasn't already awesome enough, Lush is partnering with All Out, an LGBT rights organization, to promote LGBT rights all over the world and raise funds to support activists in the field. A new and completely valid reason to justify my Lush obsession? Yes, please.Starting June 25, Lush will ask customers to support love and marriage for everyone by purchasing a bar of soap specifically designed for the campaign called "Love Soap," along with hashtagging their purchase with #GayIsOk. All (yes, all) proceeds made from the soap will go directly toward LGBT equality groups across the globe. Lush staff shared how the campaign has set a hefty goal for itself, hoping to raise $385,000 dollars and "help to set in motion a movement on social media to tell the world why #GayIsOk." I know what my next IG post will be... Lush is all about staying on top of human rights issues (last year the company took a hard stance against child slave labor and removed Mica from all products), and it's wonderful they are stepping up to tackle LGBT rights. The campaign runs from June 25 through July 4, so act fast to get your bar of gorgeous gold soap and spread the love.

(Love Soap, $5.95, Lush)P.S. To make this dreamy bar of soap and other Lush products last as long as possible, check out these 5 killer Lush tips! Image Credit: Lush Cosmetics PR