People Who Love A Full Bush Are Better In Bed

I can hear your threatened social conditioning screaming at me already: "Hair is gross, grooming is a personal choice, dear god, please no, don't bring the bush back!" I hear you, I really do. I was one of you. I'm totally not here to say that no having hair ~down there~ is infantilizing because I get how it can be appealing and hey, for real, to each their own pubic path. But there is something that we all need to talk about as a people, and I am here to light the torch:

What the hell is up with scorching the earth on our vaginas? Why do we do this? How did the trend of ridding ourselves of ALL pubic hair even start?

I started shaving it all in high school, when I heard repeatedly from peers that it was disgusting not to. I then had a boyfriend who liked my lack of hair, and that was that. My opinion was sealed. It wasn't until the past few years, in which I've had a series of lovers who literally requested a little somethin' somethin' down there, and then my discovering that I felt so unimaginably powerful and sexy and hot when I did, that I couldn't look back if I tried. (My opinion was not changed by someone else's preference, to be clear. I was swayed by how I felt upon trying it. And it felt damn good. Let's be very clear on that.)

I've found that the kind of people worth being with—the people who are all-around more accepting and fun and cool and loose and experimental and comforting in bed—can dig it. The people worth sleeping with can get down with your body in whatever form it comes in that day. Because it will be gross sometimes. Sex is gross, like, a lot of the time. We all know it's gross. There are few parts of sex that are not, in actuality, a little bit disgusting if you really think about it. Our sewage systems are also our pleasure centers (what the hell, evolution?)

But that's not the point. It's about how much you're willing to just give into it. We can sit around hating on it or we can just open up and learn to love our gross, imperfect selves, and maybe, hopefully, someone else's, post-coital and not. Here, all the reasons you should totally sleep with someone who's ready to do that:

They are generally more accepting (of everything, but also the human body in all its amazing variation)

The kind of person who's ready to take the road-less-groomed is the kind of person who is also ready to accept the intricate and nuanced layers of what it means to really love someone. They're not so disillusioned to imagine a scent-less, hairless, flawless, perfectly executed sexual experience, but are totally there for something more: something real, and a thousand times hotter.

They're probably way more open to fun things in bed

Honestly, if someone is hesitant to put their face near some form of hair, they're probably hesitant to try a lot of other things as well.

They are confident and comfortable about being a grown-up

The thing that makes pubic hair so sexy to people is it's representative of being a grown-ass man or woman. It's animalistic and instinctual. It requires a certain confidence in your own man-or-womanhood. The kinds of people who are fully open to themselves in that way are also the kinds who are ready to be open to you too.

They're not into suffocating beauty ideals

A lot of the reason people prefer a bare-down-there aesthetic is really cultural, a product of media. First of all, pubic hair trends go in and out with the decades, and if that doesn't prove it to you enough, consider that no person would naturally think to shave it on their own. It's just not something that would cross your mind.

They know hot when they see hot

I don't know what else you want me to say about this. If someone can appreciate the sexiness of their human body in its natural, unaltered form, they're usually equally as down to appreciate someone else's. (And for the love of god, we all deserve that in bed, don't we?)

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