Get Hyped & Ready To Conquer With These 9 Songs

Music connects us all, and can totally affect our moods for better or worse. A good song can fire you up, give you chills make you cry, remind you of your first love, or get you super hyped for the day ahead. Seriously, I wouldn't get through a workout without my cardio playlist — I depend on it heavily. We all have those mornings where we literally can't get out of bed and even pouring a gallon of coffee down our throats does nothing to wake us up and get us pumped for everything we've got to accomplish. That's where music comes in. With the right songs, we can do anything!

I have roughly 12 playlists going in my iTunes at the moment, all for different occasions. I have playlists for certain times of year (my autumn mix is on point), for when I need to focus on work, for when I want to relax... you get the drift. So here's the deal: if you ever feel like you're fading quickly and need a quick boost, just put on some of these songs and prepare to feel your energy levels skyrocket. I mean, it's not a guaranteed science or anything, but most of us can't help but be moved by a good beat, right?

Zedd Featuring Hayley Williams, "Stay The Night"

Zedd makes some serious ear worms when it comes to pop music, and Hayley Williams just so happens to be an incredible singer who can sing absolutely anything and everything. "Stay The Night" starts tame and then builds to something amazing and it makes me want to go out and conquer the world.

Drake, "Worst Behaviour"

You can't go wrong with a little Drake, and he's got a song for pretty much every mood. Feeling romantic? There's a Drake song for that. Feeling like a badass? Yep, song for that, too. "Worst Behaviour" (Canadian spelling!) always gets me hyped and ready to get out there and get crazy.

Ellie Goulding, "Starry Eyed"

This is an oldie but a goodie. Ellie has plenty of songs that'll get your energy levels up, but I'll always have a soft spot for her first single. There's just unabashed hype-ness (yes, that's a real term) in "Starry Eyed" that makes me want to run a marathon. I mean, I haven't... but I feel like I could!

Kiesza, "Hideaway"

I'm not sure why "Hideaway" wakes me up and gets me going so much, but it does. It's a great song, great video, and perfect for summer. Do you really need any more reason?

Fifth Harmony, "Reflection"

I almost chose "Bo$$", but the weird line about Michelle Obama and Oprah and stuff always perplexes me too much to get truly into it. "Reflection", on the other hand, is sassy and fun and totally self-empowering. What's not to like?

Jessie J featuring 2 Chainz, "Burnin' Up"

Jessie J is an amazing singer and can kill ballads like none other, but she also turns up the heat on high energy numbers and "Burnin' Up" is one of those. Trust me, you'll love it.

Katy Perry, "Walking On Air"

The entire Prism album is high energy, but "Walking On Air", an ode to '90s club music, really gets the heart rate up. I have this on my cardio mix as a staple — as in, even when I switch up the rest of the playlist, "Walking On Air" never leaves.

Nicki Minaj, "Four Door Aventador"

If you love rap and hip hop, you know you love Nicki. The Pinkprint is probably her best album yet, so it's hard to choose which song from it gets me the most hype. All of them are good, so use this as a starting point and then go and listen to the whole album.

Beyoncé, "Flawless

Would I ever leave you without any Beyoncé? Of course I wouldn't. I care about you too much.