7 Weird Things People Say When Getting Their Makeup Done Because Hearing About Personal Hygiene Issues Is TMI

When it comes to giving makeovers to people, I like to make it as fun as possible for the client that I’m working with. Maybe it’s because they’re anxious, but I’ve worked with several clients and have heard some pretty weird things said during a makeover. You want a natural look? Cool. Going for a dramatic eye and lip? I’m all for it. These are perfectly fine things to voice during a makeover and can help a makeup artist plan accordingly. But sometimes things said while getting makeup done can cross the line between friendly territory to downright awkward rambling.

There’s a certain code of etiquette that should be followed whenever you have any kind of service like this performed. If your MUA holds themselves to a professional standard, they’ll seriously appreciate a client being mindful and considerate. Don’t get me wrong: We want you to be comfortable and relaxed when you’re in our chair, but if you get too comfortable, things can get a little bizarre.

Just because makeup artistry involves a creative environment doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t offer the same respect that you might give to anyone else in the service industry. Seriously, the whole “think before you speak” thing could not truer when avoiding weird exchanges during a makeover. Here are just seven weird things I've been privy to in my time as a MUA:

1. “Sorry I can’t stop laughing, I hate when people touch me.”

OK, I get that it’s a little uncomfortable to have someone all up in your face during a makeover, but why would you make an appointment if you’re this uncomfortable with it? A makeover can get personal fast, and we’re going to have to touch your face from time to time to readjust the angle of your head, put on some eyeliner, etc. This just makes things get awkward.

2. “I love the shape of your eyes, they look like little almonds.”

We’re bound to look at each other during the makeover, but if you start pointing out super detailed compliments like this, it can get a little weird. Also, it’s polite during many appointments like makeovers, haircuts, etc., to not look at the person so intently while they’re working.

It kind of creeps us out when it feels like a person is looking straight into our soul while we’re getting up close and applying mascara. When in doubt, just try to look away — look at the ceiling, floor, or anything else.

3. “Can I have your number so I can ask you about makeup whenever I have a question?”

This isn’t so bad if done in moderation, but if a MUA gives you their business or even personal number, only use it if it’s for something legit — like scheduling another appointment. Don’t take advantage of it and text them with questions at all hours of the night, unless that’s personally agreed upon beforehand.

Texting your makeup artist about personal questions or prying for information is sketchy and can ruin a professional relationship.

4.“Can I buy the (insert random product) that you just used on me? The exact one you used.”

Whenever a makeup artist hears this, they usually try to point the client in the direction of where they can get the product — brand new, sealed, the works. Things get weird if the client tries to buy the germ infested used product directly from the makeup artist.

For hygienic reasons, a professional makeup artist would not sell the tools or products that they’re working with. When you think about how many faces a certain brush or product touched, it’s gross to even consider buying it and you’re better off just getting a new and properly packaged version.

5. “Are you any good? I heard about your makeup from other people.”

Questioning a MUA about their work straight to their face before the appointment gets fully going is wrong on so many levels. It’s insulting to ask if someone is good at their craft, especially if they’re doing it professionally. Everyone has their talents — maybe your MUA is a beast with contouring, or slays the blending game. At the end of the day, different makeup artists are good at different things, but there are more polite ways to ask than this.

6. “I need this makeup to last all night. I don’t wash my face, so I need a look that won’t get all over my pillow.”

This is just too much information and far more than any makeup artist cares to know. I could go on and on about how important it is to wash your makeup off at night, but at the end of the day, to each their own. However, avoid at all costs broadcasting something like that to your MUA — questionable hygiene is cringe-worthy.

7. “How old do you think I look?”

This is a guaranteed way to make a conversation for your makeup artist weird in seconds. What kind of game is this? Maybe the client is fishing for a compliment or they want an honest answer — who really knows? If the answer isn’t what the client wants to hear, it can be incredibly offensive. The point is, the MUA is being put in an extremely awkward position and they don’t know how to respond. Yikes!

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