8 Reasons 'Girl Meets World' 'Ship Shawn & Katy Will Help You Get Over The Pain Of Shawn & Angela's Non-Reunion

Let me first start by saying I am not here to pour salt on the open wound of your broken 'shipper hearts, Shawn and Angela fans. I know you're still not over Shawn and Angela's brief Girl Meets World reunion. Seeing them together again even stirred up feelings from me, and I personally was never an avid 'shipper for the duo during Boy Meets World's run. Shawn and Angela are as much a part of what made Boy Meets World so great as Cory and Topanga are. (During their non-reunion on GMW, even Angela reminded viewers that they were supposed to be another Cory and Topanga!) Life happens, though, and people don't always end up with their first love — that's the point GMW was trying to make. Sometimes, your first love is just a gateway to another love, and then another... until one day you walk into a diner to yell at someone you don't even know and realize you've found your home. Yes, I am talking about Shawn and the illustrious Katy Hart.

Girl Meets World has focused much of its energy on forging a bond between Shawn and Katy's daughter, Maya, but there is no denying the chemistry between Shawn and Katy. Every conversation they have had so far has come from an honest place. They are two slightly screwed up adults who get each other — even if they are only just starting to understand what's happening between them. I'm rooting for them every bit as much as Maya is because I want to see Shawn happy and I've gotten to know Katy enough that I want to see her happy too.

I know they're not Angela and Shawn, but if you open your heart to this duo, I have a feeling they just might runaway with it. Need reasons? Let's count them down.

1. They Come From Similar Backgrounds

Shawn spent a lot of his childhood alone, as many of the people he loved left him alone in the end. Katy's background before her failed marriage is a mystery, but she knows what's to be left by someone you love, to work hard, and to have trouble trusting people. Shawn and Katy are cynical about the universe because the universe has given them a lot of trouble, but they are not so cynical that they don't appreciate all of the love and support they do have. Because of where they've been in life, they are understandably taking things slow — but their mutual resiliency means they are willing to give each other a shot.

2. They Bring Out The Best In Each Other

In the scenes they have shared so far, Shawn and Katy have proven to be excellent at lifting each other's spirits up. Shawn never lets Katy forget how much she does for Maya, and Katy is excellent at shaking Shawn away from his occasional pity parties. When they combine their powers for good, they end up making dreams come true for an awesome young woman — Maya — and for each other, too.

3. Katy Always Calls Shawn Out

Shawn does not always put a lot of thought into his actions. He is still as spontaneous as he was when he was a kid, now he's just older, more mellow, and a great deal wiser. Whenever he does something sweet for Maya or crosses a line with Katy, Katy makes sure he knows about it. Shawn needs someone to keep him from projecting his problems onto others, and Katy is oh so good at it.

4. They Banter Like They're In A Screwball Comedy

These two are very good at the talking. In fact, talking is their thing. They keep up with each other verbally, and the inherent flirtatiousness in their verbal sparring cannot be overestimated.

5. They Have Amazing Chemistry

When they stand next to each other, I have an overwhelming urge to smush their faces together. In terms of chemistry, they are too cute for words. They get giggly and flirty around each other in a way that never feels forced, even though they always have an audience thanks to Riley, Maya, and Cory.

6. They Understand Each Other's Dreams

Both Shawn and Katy are artists, and they get each other's need for self-expression. Shawn actually takes the time to ask Katy how her acting is going. He doesn't look at her if she's crazy for pursuing her dreams because he went out there and found his own artistic path against all odds.

7. Even Shawn's Dad Thinks Katy And Shawn Are A Good Idea

OK, I cried when Chet showed up to tell Shawn that he should open himself up to the possibility of a relationship with Katy. I may be a softie, but it was still deeply affecting to know Shawn realizes deep down, his father believes Katy and Maya could be his shot at happiness.

8. They Both Love Maya

Shawn and Katy can't get together just because Maya wants them to. That sort of Parent Trap-esque scenario is super unhealthy and should only be attempted by the child Lindsay Lohans of the world. However, the fact that they both love Maya so much is definitely a bonus.

No, Shawn and Katy aren't Shawn and Angela — but they have the potential to be something new, and something great. They could be a family, and my heart is open and ready to see them turn all of their potential into a reality.

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