Who Will Drake Collaborate With On 'Views From The 6'? This Could Be The Greatest Album He's Ever Made

Drake's eighth musical album, Views From The 6, could not possibly be taking longer to drop. He's been working on it all year, and the last so called "big announcement" from Team Drake regarding the album was at the Governor's Ball, where he simply stated that it was "coming soon" and teased possible collaborations on the album. Since Drake's beautiful lips refuse to utter any more than that, we decided to do a little digging. While we don't have any more concrete evidence about the release date, we do have details (both factual and hypothesized) on which artists will collaborate with Drake on Views From The 6.

This album will be an important chapter in Drake's career. He's been riding the waves of public adoration for years, but who knows when that kind of universal affection can fade away? In the past, some artists have made the mistake of resting on their laurels and, by their eighth album, their music feels as tired as they are. This probably won't happen for Drake — because, obviously, he's still super talented and amazing — but part of what will prevent this album from feeling old-hat for the Canadian rapper is involving a variety of, producers, and fellow artists to chime in artistically. So far, there's been a lot of rumors — some true, some wildly false — about who will make a guest appearance, and the potential roster is looking pretty great.

Here's a round up of facts, rumors, lies, and wish-lists for which artists will be collaborating with Drake on Views From The 6.

Confirmed Collaborations


adnaaanxoxo on YouTube

Hold on to your hats, kids, because this is happening. In fact, an alleged Beyoncé-Drake collaboration entitled "Can I" leaked on the interwebs a few months ago, and it's rumored that that's the song from the album. While there's no way to know for sure if that's the actual track until the album comes out, it is confirmed that Beyonce will be gracing Views From The 6 with her sultry vocals.

Rumored Collaborations

The Weeknd

Darrion Green on YouTube

At the Governor's Ball performance, Drake gave a shout out to long-time friends and past collaborators The Weeknd, saying that they “might have some new s**t” coming." Fans and bloggers alike took that to mean that The Weeknd will be appearing on the album, but that has yet to be confirmed.

Meek Mill

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Nicki Minaj's boyfriend Meek Mill's sophomore album is due out in July. He has confirmed that Drake, as well as Minaj, will be appearing on his album. Though it's completely unsubstantiated, it does stand to reason that Meek Mill could, in turn, make an appearance on Drake's. After all, The Weeknd is also appearing on Meek Mill's album, so it seems like they're all becoming one big happy family.


Beyond the infamous makeout session between the two, Madonna and Drake have had kind of a respectful, quirky relationship with each other for a while. There was a song about Madonna on Drake's surprise mixtape If You're Reading This It's Too Late earlier this year, and the two have expressed their mutual admiration for one another many times via Instagram. Then, in March, she claimed in an interview that she and Drake were definitely going to work together. "Yeah, baby, it's in the pipeline." Her album's already out, and there was no Drake song to speak of... so she's got to be talking about something that will be on Drake's new album, right?

Rumors That Are Definitely False

Sal Houdini

This poor guy got caught in a bit of an Internet gossip cyclone when he recorded his own vocals onto the leaked snippet of the alleged Beyoncé-Drake collaboration "Can I," posted it to Soundcloud, and that version went viral. An unknown rapper, it seemed at first like he was actually going to be on the album — to the point that a lot of music gossip sites picked up the story and ran it as fact (as did The Rolling Stone). In fact, it was rumored that Houdini might have even been behind the song leak, but he claims to have simply been "playing around."

Wish List

Nicki Minaj

NickiMinajAtVEVO on YouTube

I mean, obviously. If I'm making up rumors about her boyfriend being on the album, then there's no way I can't also pray to the gods of music that she'll be on it, too.

Kanye West

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There have been minor collaborations here and there between the two, but how has there not already been a full-on Kanye-Drake song? It would be the most addictive track ever made. While I wait for a second Watch The Throne to appear with Drake in place of Jay Z, fans can continue to wait (and wait and wait) for Views From The 6. Hopefully, it will be worth it.