'Inside Out' Box Office Numbers Are Already Projected To Break Records, But Is It The Ultimate Pixar Film?

It's not even July yet, and the weekend's box office race amongst summer's biggest releases is already getting to be super intense. While few films would have been expected to beat the record-breaking smash that was the recently released Jurassic World, Disney Pixar seems to have given it a run for its money: According to The Hollywood Reporter, Inside Out 's opening weekend box office projections are already impressive — so much so that the film is set to become both the second-best performing Disney Pixar film ever, and the best-performing Pixar original film during opening weekend.

Inside Out wasn't expected to take the top slot this weekend over Jurassic World, but it certainly came close. As THR continues, Inside Out made $34.2 million on Friday and is expected to earn $90 million this weekend, which would nab it the record of best-performing Pixar original film during opening weekend (the previous record holder was The Incredibles at $70.4 million). It's an amazing opening, to say the least — especially when Jurassic Park sequel Jurassic World is expected to earn $103.3 million this weekend as well.

Plot-wise, Inside Out is an instant classic: It takes a look inside the mind of a little girl, embodying her emotions with the help of voice actors Amy Poehler, Mindy Kaling, and Bill Hader. Though this will be the first Pixar film not to open in first place domestically, it had stiff competition — and it's almost guaranteed to do very well over the course of its run, what with its great reviews.

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The only disappointing news in this week's crazy box office is the release of Dope, the promising indie film that also debuted this weekend. The film — which is absolutely worth checking out — is projected to earn about $7 million, which, considering its status as an indie, isn't bad... but still a long way from the numbers that Inside Out and Jurassic World pulled in. Of course, a big reason for this could easily be that Jurassic World and Inside Out opened in more theaters than Dope, but still, it's sad to hear considering the movie deserves a lot more. Luckily, the film — which explores a teen growing up and becoming himself in a tough Los Angeles neighborhood — received great reviews.

Next week will probably see more high numbers with the debut of Ted 2. Blockbuster season is officially here, though, hopefully, the box office will have time for the indies as well.

Image: Disney Pixar