Monica Potter Is Competing On 'Celebrity Family Feud' & The Bravermans Would Have Been Awesome At This Game Show

I don't think I could ever be tired of watching Family Feud. I don't know what it is about that show — Steve Harvey and how totally over society he is every time someone gives him a ridiculous answer, or the fact that it's so easy to play I could probably win in my sleep — but it's definitely my favorite game show. So, obviously, I was over the moon when I found out that Celebrity Family Feud was happening, and even more excited to see that Monica Potter and her family on Celebrity Family Feud was happening. I absolutely adore Parenthood, so this is the perfect combination of two of my favorite shows becoming one. The only thing that would make this better? If the actual Bravermans were on the Family Feud .

If you're about to tell me that the Bravermans are fictional, or something about how the show is long gone, I'll stop you there. The Bravermans are real, and they will live in my heart forever. And, honestly, there should be a Parenthood reunion so that these characters can be on Family Feud. And if, in a dream world, that ever did actually happen, I already have the entire show organized in my head. There's one dilemma: The entire family couldn't compete. Only five members of the family could have been selected to represent the entire Braverman clan, but I already have a good idea of who would be perfect to play.


Since Crosby's such a creative person, he'd be awesome at Family Feud. With him on the team, I doubt they'd ever get stumped and have to pass the question on to the other team.


Julia's probably the most intelligent member of the family — she has years and years of education, thanks to law school. In fact, she could probably win the game by herself if she really wanted to.


Max reads everything, and he's ridiculously smart. I don't think he'd love being on TV or anything, but he'd definitely thrive in the competitive atmosphere, and he'd be great at coming up with out-of-the-box answers.


Sarah's got the most life experience out of the family, so I think that would help her come up with answers that the rest of the group wouldn't think of otherwise. Also, she's clearly the best Braverman. Duh.


Like Crosby, Amber's another creative type — although I have a feeling she'd be the one coming up with responses that would make Steve Harvey shake his head, but they'd totally be on the board anyway.

If only this could be a thing in real life. Come on, Steve Harvey. Make it happen!

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