Repair Your Nails After Gels With Zoya Naked Manicure And Kiss Those Brittle, Ridged Tips Goodbye

As a recent gel polish devotee, I could see nothing negative about my new method for making my nail art last. That is, until I ripped off the polish in a fit of impatience and was left with pits, ridges, and peeling that made finding a way to repair my nails after gels of the utmost importance. It used to be that I would just buff a little (no doubt making my damaged nails thinner and therefore worse) and hide the damage with some opaque lacquer. Now there's a new, healthier solution on the market: the Zoya Naked Manicure System.

The system isn't exclusively for victims of Too Impatient To Remove My Gels Properly Syndrome; it treats brittle nails, ridges, and discoloration caused by pretty much anything. It works in four steps (with an optional fifth) to treat, correct, and protect your poor, abused nails. There's a nourishing base coat, a selection of various sheer tints that color correct in different ways, a tip protector to, well, protect your tips, a satin top coat that hides imperfections, and an optional shiny top coat for anyone who likes a glossy finish. The treatment only takes as long as it usually takes you to do your nails (if not less, since the sheer colors means you don't have to worry as much about staying inside the lines) and the results are literally instant.

The mini pro kit retails for $35, but Zoya encourages anyone who isn't a salon owner to go with one of the smaller versions. The Woman's Starter Kit is $30 and comes with the pink perfector (which is what I used on this go; it brightens the nails), the base, the tip perfector and the satin top coat. If you want to try the glossy finish or any of the other perfector shades, you can snag them for 10 to 12 bucks each.

Zoya Mini Pro Kit, $35, Amazon; Zoya Naked Manicure Starter Kit, $30, Amazon

Out of all the steps, the tip perfector was the hardest to use, since it got a bit streaky at times. I was wary of putting white tips on my nails, but the final look only gets kind of close to a French manicure without going into full Senior Prom territory. Now, I know you're itching from some before and after photos, so here we go.


Honestly not the worst my nails have looked after I violently removed gel, but it's not pretty. I have ridges and dips towards the tip, and some slight yellow-ish discoloration. At least the shape from my manicure was still in tact.


Whaaaaaat! No ridges, no lumps, and definitely no discoloration. Honestly, I don't think my nails have ever really looked this good. See what I mean about the tip perfector? If you didn't know me, you'd think I just had really healthy nails. Here's another after, but with the glossy finish on top.

Welp, I'm officially hooked. And I'm sure my nails are happy that those days of being buffed to oblivion are finally over.

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Images: Kara McGrath/Bustle