11 Times Felicity Smoak's Wit Was The True Hero Of 'Arrow,' Because She Always Knows Exactly What To Say

Arrow is a show chock full of superheroes. Of course, there’s Oliver Queen, the morally ambiguous vigilante who the show is centered around, but there are also spades more girls and guys who kick butt and take names all for the good of Starling City. In many cases, the definition of superhero varies. Some think it requires supernatural powers like The Flash, others maintain it’s those who patrol the streets at night single handedly taking down the bad guys just as The Arrow does, and others think it’s the brains behind the operation, keeping everything running smoothly, like Felicity Smoak.

Then, there are people like me who see heroism as something less concrete. Because, if you ask me, the true hero of Arrow isn’t the dude with the salmon ladder or even the girl who can hack and program her way to any solution. Well, actually, it does have to do with the girl, but not in the way that you think: the true hero here, undoubtedly, is Felicity Smoak’s wit.

Sure, you could argue that her computer smarts and Oliver’s precision with a bow are far more useful in terms of saving the city. But, in terms of endless entertainment for us, Felicity’s dry sense of humor far outweighs any sort of natural born genius and M.I.T. trained skills she can offer. Not that those credentials don’t make for an impressive resume, because I’ll be damned if she hasn’t earned her CEO position. But, as exciting as it is to see her direct Team Arrow around the city whilst typing away at her fancy computer system, I prefer her quick, fire-like banter that breaks the tension of any intense scene.

Here are 11 times Felicity Smoak’s wit was practically heroic:

1. When She Took An Offensive, Sexist Insult And Made It Into An Awesome Catchphrase

And, that, my friends, is how you save the day.

2. When She Expertly Delivered This Thinly Veiled Insult For The Greater Good

She could work on her tact, sure, but if a genius wants to upgrade your computer system, you let her do it.

3. When She Begrudgingly Acquiesced Oliver's Request, But Not Without Properly Shaming Him First

I use this line on my mom at least 4 times a day.

4. When She Solidified Her Post As The Most Relatable Arrow Character

OK, maybe our romantic interests weren't exactly struck by lightning, but they may as well have been.

5. When She Shattered The 4th Wall And Spoke For The Members Of The Arrow Audience

I mean... it was a little too easy.

6. When She Brought Some Sorely Needed Levity To The Foundry

Oliver, much like Eeyore, brings a dark cloud with him wherever he goes. Thankfully, Felicity provides the umbrella.

7. When She Took Her Oliver-Oriented Frustration Out On A Hypothetical Coffeemaker

Even hot vigilantes whose own bodies serve as a deadly weapon need to be put in their places sometimes.

8. When She Made Sure That Her Metaphor Was Factual

Before the Internet Grammar and English Language Police could swarm and attack.

9. When She Saved Diggle's Ass With Her Sass

Intuition and a dry sense of humor are two very important traits in an emergency.

10. When She Served As Queen Consolidated's Pest Control Service

Let this be a warning to all trespassing felines...

11. When She Was Snarkily Self-Aware

We're just glad she never went through with it.

Thank you, Felicity, for giving us these gems week after week. You're the true hero of Arrow.

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