'Hawkgirl' Might Come To The CW & Here Are 7 Reasons We Would Totally Watch It

The CW is continuing to mine DC comics for new material, and according to SpoilerTV, their latest plan is to give Hawkgirl her own show. If it's true, I could not be happier about the news. The character has already been established (briefly) in The Flash and is set to play a major role in DC's Legends of Tomorrow; now there is a good chance she could get her own series. While the show is in the early stages of development, given that the character already has connections to their current DC shows and has been cast (Ciara Renée made her debut in The Flash Season 1 finale), the likelihood of The CW ordering Hawkgirl to series is high. It doesn't hurt that the network already has four DC properties (in addition to The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow, there's also Arrow and iZombie) on its lineup, either.

Assuming Hawkgirl makes it to the small screen, why should you watch? Because the show has so much potential. I don't need a synopsis to know this is a good thing. The character is richly drawn, but not so popular that The CW can't play with her backstory, and Renée definitely has what it takes to headline her own series. Hawkgirl could be must-see TV as far as I'm concerned, but I don't want to champion it alone. Here are seven reasons the show is an excellent idea:

1. The CW's DC Shows Are All Amazing

DC and The CW are like the new peanut butter and chocolate. They just work. Arrow, The Flash, and iZombie all put a new spin on comic book shows. They're fun, but the stakes are high and there is serious production value. Legends of Tomorrow looks equally cool, so there is no reason to think Hawkgirl would be anything less than a success.

2. Hawkgirl Has A Unique Background

Hawkgirl is reincarnated across time, so if The CW wants to keep Renée on Legends of Tomorrow and explore a past or future version of the character, that is a thing they can do. Unlike Arrow and The Flash, Hawkgirl has a supernatural quality thanks to her many lives. She also has some nifty powers, including super strength, flight, and the ability to remember skills she picked up in past lives.

3. TV Needs More Female Heroes

CBS is bringing Supergirl to TV this fall, but there are way more dudes headlining superhero shows than there are women at this point. TV needs more female heroes, both because it's nice to see shows that aren't all about men saving the day, and because female heroes are awesome. It's been a long time since TV had a Buffy or a Xena. It is way past time for a new generation of female heroes to fill the void.

4. Hawkgirl Can Be Pretty Much Anything The CW Wants Her To Be

Hawkgirl is one of the oldest female superheroes, but she is not crazy popular. Unlike Supergirl or Wonder Woman, everyone isn't familiar with her origin story. The CW isn't beholden to any certain story or characteristics. Hawkgirl is a blank slate and the possibilities of what they could do with the character are endless.

5. There's A Built-In Epic Love Story

I am a sucker for romance, and Hawkgirl has a built-in star-crossed lovers story. Hawkgirl and Hawkman find each other throughout time in different incarnations. Is that not the most beautiful thing ever? I want to see that love story on my TV screen, especially if it is going to be told from Hawkgirl's perspective.

6. Renée Is Definitely Lead Actress Material

Because of the nature of the character, another actress could take on the role of Hawkgirl to keep Renée on Legends of Tomorrow, but the actress is so good it would make more sense for The CW to let her play the role. She's not a household name yet, but the Broadway star has serious star power and I want to see more of her.

7. The More Heroes The Better

I know some people can get burnt out on superheroes, but I am not one of those people. I don't think the idea of "too much of a good thing" exists, and besides, Hawkgirl has the potential to be something you've never seen before. The character has never been on live-action television (or even movies). Her story and world are completely new, and I want to see what The CW has in store for her.

Now that I have offered up reasons to watch, The CW really, really needs to make Hawkgirl happen. I'm already psyched for this (potential) show. Are you?

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