Finery London Is Our New Favorite Store

Thanks to our friends at Who What Wear, I've discovered a new shop that I'll definitely be frequenting after every paycheck. Finery London, a store reminiscent of my go-to's like Zara and Aritzia, is quickly becoming a new favorite, with their funky shaped silhouettes, quirky flower patterns, and modern fits.

The British label opened earlier this year, with a mission to "eradicate the meh with a curated collection of well-made, carefully designed pieces that are equal parts brave and flattering," according to The Wall Street Journal. The shop, which is only online, has got some pretty impressive staff behind them. Emma Farrow is Finery's head of design, who brought Topshop to new heights. And buying director at ASOS Caren Downie is their brand director.

Head of buying, Rachel Morgans, along with Farrow and Downie wanted to create pieces that were not only quirky, but wearable as well. There's a lot of fashion out there that catches my eye, but I wouldn't necessarily wear. But with Finery's approach and eye for mixing the two, their online shop is filled with the uncommon that can actually be incorporated into both work and play. While staples are always important to have a wardrobe, pieces that make a statement are just as crucial, too.

“We don’t want to tell our customer how to dress. We want her to select the pieces she loves and put them together in her own way," said Farrow, according to the Wall Street Journal. With Finery London's pieces, you can do just that. Take a look at some of our favorites, below.

1. Page V-Neck Dress, $71.44

2. Evelina High Neck Jumpsuit, $119.07

3. Mercia Lace Shirt Midaxi Dress, $141.30

4. Embleton Leather Coat, $468.36

5. Adderly Wrap Midi Skirt, $77.79

6. Kelly 3D Flowers Pencil Skirt, $109.55

7. Lotus Leather High Heel Open Shoes, $188.93

Images: Finery London