Remember These Actors From 'Fantastic Four'?

You know, ten years may not seem like a long time between a film series and its reboot. But this August we're about to get the release of a new Fantastic Four film starring Kate Mara, Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Bell. And somehow I'm actually excited to see it. For those who may not remember, one Fantastic Four film celebrates its 10th anniversary this year and also had a semi-successful yet equally reviled sequel two years later. That Fantastic Four project featured the acting styles of Forever's Ioan Gruffud, Jessica Alba, The Shield's Michael Chiklis and the man who would become Captain America, Chris Evans. But what about the other people in the film? Did you know that a few other now successful actors and personalities were in Fantastic Four?

We've got a heavy-hitting name in television and film on the list, as well as a highly regarded indie film, TV, and theater actor. Plus a television personality who has since spread her wings further in the film and television world, and a classic cameo we all expect to see in every Marvel movie. (Yeah, I know you already know who I'm talking about with that last clue.) So who are a few names you would definitely recognize now from the Fantastic Four cast list?

Kerry Washington

Not only did Kerry Washington play Alicia Masters, the blind artists for whom The Thing (aka Ben Grimm) develops feelings, she also reprised the role in the Fantastic Four sequel, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.

Hamish Linklater

The acclaimed indie film and TV actor from such projects as The Newsroom took on the role of Leonard Kirk, the assistant to the Fantastic Four team's arch nemesis, Victor von Doom (aka Dr. Doom).

Maria Menunos

The TV correspondent made a cameo in the film as a sexy nurse who flirts with Chris Evans' Johnny Storm. Think about all the flirting with Chris Evans!

Stan Lee

This is kind of a joke. Because anyone who watches any film or TV show regarding a Marvel comic book character knows that Stan Lee will make an appearance somewhere. He's our modern day, comic book Hitchcock, but he's way more obvious about it. In Fantastic Four, Lee plays a postal worker who greets the team on their way to a building elevator.

Images: Screenshot/20th Century Fox (4)