8 Times Taylor Swift Was Incredibly Persuasive

by Mary Grace Garis

She's done it again, you guys: Taylor Swift has gotten Apple to change its music streaming policy. In case you're just tuning in, our girl published an open letter saying she won't release her music on the company's new program, Apple Streaming, because they wouldn't pay artists, writers, or producers during the three-month free trial period. Apple's Senior Vice President of Internet Software and Services, Eddy Cue, chatted with Swift and later tweeted that they had, in fact, taken her words into consideration and changed it so now musicians will be paid. And you'd think this would be further proof that Swift is a massive musical powerhouse, but no; she's just really, really, persuasive.

Reevaluate the last several months, Swifties: the 25-year-old is like a flaxen-haired Svengali. Not only does she have the music industry in the palm of her hand, but she's converted both legions of brand new fans and enough famous BFFs to overcrowd a music video. And aside from exuding overall fabulousness, showcasing overwhelming kindness, and being overtly feminist, what is her secret to being that persuasive. Well... that I don't know.

But what is certain is that Swift can be very, very, convincing. To recap, here are a few times Swift converted you into thinking something was a good idea.

1. The time she convinced you to rock a lob, even though your bone structure is ALL WRONG for that cut.

The deeper tragedy is that you, like me, are trying to make those perfect side-swept bangs happen. GUESS WHAT, THAT STYLE DOESN'T WORK WHEN YOU HAVE A WIDOW'S PEAK.

2. The time she convinced you that her awful dancing was endearing, nay, worth emulating.

It used to be that we'd see Swift dancing at award shows and we'd be like, "Oh dear, it's like what would happen if white bread tried to move." But, ever since the "Shake It Off" video, everyone's doing some seizure-y variant on "the twist" that feels VERY Swiftian.

3. The time that she convinced you that country music is worth a shot.

It was a dark moment in 2009, when "You Belong to Me" was still hidden on your iPod under "Guilty Pleasures." Now, you're just glad that she's progressed to poppier things.

4. The time she convinced you to adopt more kitties than you could handle.

You fell in love with Meredith and Olivia and wanted your own furry friends to fill the void that comes with being perpetually single. You're now 28 years old and living in a studio apartment with seven cats. So...

5. The time she convinced you that red lipstick was a worthwhile investment, despite your impressive lack of make-up skills.

Last time you saw Aunt Adrienne she was like, "You look like that one blonde singer, what's her name... Courtney Love." Sigh.

6. The time she convinced you not to settle for someone who doesn't appreciate you, and also to wreak havoc on his car.

You know what, it may have been a LITTLE unfair to set your Tinder date's Lexus on fire just because he was texting during dinner.

7. The time she convinced you to write every other article of your journalistic career about her.

"But I'm post-punk," you whisper to yourself. "This doesn't make any sense."

8. The time she convinced you that the best way to achieve world domination is to load up on powerful lady friends and/or systematically destroy all your ex-lovers.

Done and done.

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