Demi Lovato Nails The Blue Steel With Wilmer

Some celeb selfie games are always strong. Demi Lovato, who posted a model face, pouty selfie, alongside her hunky boyfriend, actor Wilmer Valderrama, is one of those celebs. The singer/actress/philanthropist's brows remain on fleek and she has the serious model pout and the blue steel stare down pat. Seriously, Lovato, have you considered modeling full time?

And to think this was just a selfie, taken in the car.

Lovato just joined the From Dusk Till Dawn TV series and will co-star alongside her man. She has also joined the cast of the next Smurfs film, so she continues to nab acting roles in addition to working on the followup to Demi.

Even with such a busy schedule, she still makes time to share a lot of her life with her Lovatics via Instagram, posting lots of selfies, both goofy and glam.

A cursory perusal of latest images on her IG feed finds that Lovato has been playing with the pouty-lipped model pose for a while now. She usually does it solo and seriously, but this time she let Valderrama in on the fun. Remember, Lovato did draft him as an infomercial guinea pig on which to test her Devonne by Demi skincare line.

Check out the handsome, pouty couple below.

Here are five other times Lovato's pout pose was on point, thanks to a strong lip and steely eyes. In these five shots, she was a bit more serious but totally on it. The no-smile-gaze is so her thing; she commands it and does it a little differently each time.

1. Side Pose, No Smile

Side pose, red lips, no smile, statement bag, all pout. Where's the runway?

2. Not A Smile, Not A Scowl

It was not a smile, for sure, but it was not a scowl, either. It was not Kristen Stewart-level of pouting, but it was good and with a berry-stained lip that was just beyond.

3. The Poutiest

OMG, you guys! This was Demi at her poutiest... and prettiest. Everything from the shades to the leather jacket to the slicked back hair to her hidden stare was so diva-like. I like Demi Divalato.

4. More Bathroom Pouting

Another bathroom pout sesh... but matching her coral lipstick with her top was so on point. Know what else was totally slaying? Lovato's accessories game. She went with tons of gold jewelry and it was right on.

5. Smoky-Eyed Stare

Lovato is known for her rocker chick chic, which includes leather, studs, and smoky eyes. Her parted-lip pout with pale lipstick and heavy, smoky eyes was insanely sexy. This girl... just blessed and lucky to have a quality makeup artist, too.

Lovato needs more modeling gigs. She can pose like the best of 'em.

Images: Demi Lovato/Instagram (6)