How Should We Feel About Chris Brown's Music?

Sigh. Yeah, hate to disappoint you all, but Chris Brown is still doing stuff. He didn't just decide to stop doing stuff and retreat into the shadows one night like a lot of us hoped he would. Nope! Chris Brown's got a new mixtape out, called X-Files, and no, it has nothing to do with Mulder or Scully and yes, I am upset about that.

"I'mma make sure you're safe with me/I be smokin' that Cali/Baby me and you can fly," Brown sings to an unnamed lady in "War For You." Which.... let's not even start with this, OK? Let's just leave that there.

The mixtape — which features guests like Ludacris and Busta Rhymes and which seems like it goes along with his upcoming (but release date-lacking) album X — features no reference of his recent arrest and/or rehab or the like, but we can't really say we were expecting it to. The cover features Brown in a straight jacket, which... yeah, we're not gonna touch that with a ten foot pole, either.

We don't really know what to make of Chris Brown's musical career at this point. If we say we want it to crash and burn but still go see Michael Fassbender movies, we feel like that says a whole lot about us and about society, so it's a murky and messy and just a rather gross area.

Ugh, the world, amirite?

Image: RCA Records