Radley May Hold The Key To Charles' Past On 'PLL'

Who is Charles DiLaurentis? It's a question Pretty Little Liars fans have been asking themselves over and over again ever since the Big A reveal back in March, and yet there is still so much about him we have yet to learn. We know that he's related to Jason and Alison (though not necessarily in a sibling capacity). We know that Jason once thought of him as his imaginary friend that needed to go away suddenly for unexplained reasons. We know that he somehow has access to a ton of financial backing. But other than that, Charles remains a complete and total mystery. However, there is one detail regarding A's upbringing that I think has become rather clear: that Charles was sent to Radley at some point throughout his childhood.

Of course, this insinuation has yet to be confirmed just yet, but given Charles' actions throughout the years, it's safe to say that he's working through some pretty intense psychological issues, which could be what got him locked away in the first place. Many viewers have theorized that Charles once hurt Alison when she was a baby, hence why he needed to be sent away for treatment. It would certainly help to explain his obsession with Alison since he would've most likely associated her with his captivity. It would also further signify why Jessica DiLaurentis placed herself on the Radley board of trustees. She'd want to monitor his progress as closely as possible.

But it's more than just these assumptions that have me believing that Charles was held deep within Radley's confines. Just look at the way he's psychologically tortured the Liars this season — making them think they were hurting one another, when really it was all just one big trick. As my colleague Kaitlin Reilly has pointed out, his vast knowledge of such mental torture methods could indicate that Charles is a doctor (like Wren, for example). And while that's a very valid and astute point, I think it could also mean that Charles isn't necessarily a doctor himself, but has rather grown up around them the majority of his life.

As a patient at Radley, Charles would've witnessed (and experienced) countless forms of therapy, from both a mental and physical standpoint. For all we know, he underwent electroshock treatment — very similar to what he'd threatened the girls with — and suffered through various types of mind games in the process. Kinda makes you feel a little bit of sympathy for A, doesn't it? Well, I. Marlene King has mentioned that Charles' story would be heartbreaking, so this would be the perfect way of going about doing it.

Radley has always served as a subplot — an ever-looming presence full of darkness and mystery. Giving Charles direct ties to there could help bring about some real answers as to why A is the way he is, as well as shed light on a few other loose ends. Bethany Young, Toby's mom… it all leads back to Radley and could therefore be the key to unlocking all of Charles' secrets.

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