The Internet Just Got Even Creepier

In some strange hybrid of a reality TV show and a live webcam porn site, ten Eastern European couples' lives are now on display for any Internet user — well, partial display, at least. The RealLifeCam website monitors couples' lives 24/7 through livestreaming webcams installed in their apartments. Note, though, that access to bathroom and bedroom activities are reserved for premium members of the website.

Internet? You have outdone yourself.

When you navigate to RealLifeCam, you can click on the names of the people you want to watch, and the site will display a screen with text at the top reading "Voyeur — Kitchen," "Voyeur — Living room," or whatever room they're in. Just, you know, to make sure you understand what exactly watching these videos makes you, you voyeur, you. The bedroom and bathroom are locked, though, unless you're willing to cough up $30 for a premium membership.

While The Daily Dot considers RealLifeCam an invention to satisfy "male horniness," I have to say I was also pretty intrigued. So, for the sake of good investigative journalism, I poked around a little bit, starting with a couple named Leora and Paul. Warning: This story is anticlimactic.

First, I ended up watching a woman I'm guessing is Leora writing something in front of a TV. Riveting? Not exactly, so I headed over to Maya and Stepan's apartment, the highlight of which was the cat on the sofa.

I guess that's what you get for being a non-premium user — though I did catch some prime cuddling action with Zoya and Lev!

The most fascinating thing about these windows (or, rather, entire doors) into strangers' lives, though, is that some people will probably exploit them as virtual realities — possibly even more so than as sex tapes. I can picture a few enthusiasts using the site more like The Sims than Pornhub, following the couples' every move and even feeling close to them. But hey, if that sounds creepy to you, let she or he who hath not watched The Bachelorette cast the first stone.

Images: RealLifeCam (2)