10 Beautiful Henna Tattoos To Try This Summer

Summer is the perfect season to try out new trends! With the weather warming up, it's time to show off your lovely skin with Henna tattoos. I know what you're thinking. Yes, they are pretty long lasting as far as temporary tattoos go, but they are so gorgeous. Talk about being boho chic. These tattoos look absolutely magical, and work well on every skin type. What's not to love? The art of Henna tattoos come from South Asian and North African countries. Most often brides would have intricate Henna tattoos applied before their wedding day. However, these beautiful trend has spread all across the world. From music festivals to beach vacations, people can always be spotted sporting the beautiful paint. Wondering how it's made? Basically, the ink is made by crushing leaves of the henna plant. It forms into a paste, which allows it to be drawn onto the skin.

Here's a tip that I learned from a Henna artist a few years ago: Natural Henna should never be black. This usually means that there are chemicals adding to the mixture. While black Henna tattoos can look chic, it's best to know what you're applying to your skin to avoid any irritants. Other than that, Henna is completely safe, and one-hundred percent stylish. Here are a few photos that will having you running to get a Henna tattoo.

1. Flower Power

2. Tiny Little Feet

3. Feet Chic

4. Beautiful Art

5. Moon and Stars

6. Back Is Back

7. Little Elephant

8. Peace and Love

9. Pineapple

10. All Over Art

Images: alina_mendi, lavenderhenna, yuktigrover, remarkableblackbird, primroseechanel, katlovejoy, it.just.mehendi/Instagram; @jawlinedallas, @mich_bettinger, @yoyoitsrayray/Twitter