Janet Jackson's New Single "No Sleeep" Is So Mind-Blowing That You Might Have Missed These 7 Important Things — LISTEN

The day the world has been waiting for is finally here: Janet Jackson has released a new single, the first off her long-anticipated album. YESSSSS. The track, “No Sleeep,” is all about waiting up for sexy time with her long-distance lover, and, as usual, Jackson totally nails it. And I know this because her fans are already falling all over themselves about the new song. The single sounds like old school Jackson and, only hours after it was released, was trending on Twitter. That proves one thing for sure: we ARE all part of a rhythm nation. Janet Jackson’s rhythm nation, that is, and she totally called it.

But, unless you listened to the song multiple times while reading the lyrics at the same time like I did (what? I’m a fan!), you may have missed out on some of the important things happening both in and behind the lyrics. Because the song is about more than just doin’ it (even though it is mostly about doin’ it). There are some interesting things going on with this track that a single play through just doesn’t catch. So, just in case you don’t have time to listen to it on repeat and at full volume, I got you covered. Here is everything you need to know (and might have missed) about Janet Jackson’s new single, “No Sleeep”:

1. It’s Mostly About Doin’ It


I know I said that there was more to the song than sex — and there is! — but it’s almost totally about sex. There’s no denying that. With lyrics like “We ain’t gonna get no sleep” repteated on the regular, you know Jackson has one thing in mind: sexy sex sex sex.

2. It’s Her Sexiest Song Yet


Sure, there’s “Rope Burn” and “Warmth” to give this song a run for its money, but “No Sleeep” really takes the cake with its 48-hour sex fest. That’s… ambitious.

3. Its '90s Throwback Sound


Thank you, Jackson, for not moving too far away from your original sound that we all love and fall on our knees for. I mean, I love a good T. Swift song, but could you imagine if Jackson had come out swinging with some “Bad Blood” knock off? Instead, she sticks to the slow jam sounds that her fans absolutely love. (Think: a thunderstorm to set the mood, a keyboard, and a steady drum beat to set the… ahem… pace.)

4. It’s About Long Distance Love


See? I told you it was about more than doin’ it! And let everyone in a long distance relationship take heart: those weeks of waiting help to stoke Jackson’s fever. You know the saying: distance makes the heart grow hornier! Oh. Wait. That’s not it…

5. It’s Really About Her Husband

Vincenzo Lombardo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When Jackson released the song on Monday morning, she did so on Twitter, including a message with the link dedicating it to “My love.” She must be talking about her husband, Wissam Al Mana, who she secretly wed in 2012.

6. That’s Three E’s, Not Two


Because it’s extra long? Or extra hot? Or she’s just extra sleepy after that 48-hour marathon? I’m not entirely sure, but don’t forget that third E, mmk?

7. It Was Produced by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis

Rick Diamond/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Jackson is kicking it old school with her longtime friends and production team. The three of them have teamed up on pretty much every Jackson album ever (even some of Michael’s!), which means we can expect more of their awesome work on Jackson’s album when it is released in the fall.

Until then, I’ll be listening to this song like I used to listen to Janet Jackson songs when I was a kid: on repeat and with the lyrics written on a piece of notebook paper. Two dollars and a pack of Juicy Fruit says I have it memorized by the time the bell rings.

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