Tanlines' "Palace" Video Proves Natasha Lyonne Is The Queen of Cool & Alex Karpovsky Is The King of Grump

Every once in a while, a band comes along and taps into everything you love about pop culture. With the release of their brand new video for the single, "Palace," Tanlines have just become that band. The song itself is infectious and is everything you'd want a Brooklyn-based indie dance duo to produce. When you make your way over to the band's website, you'll see the whole thing is designed to look like Netflix (I mean, COME ON, ). Then the video turns the cool notches up to 11 as it stars Natasha Lyonne ( Orange is the New Black ) and Alex Karpovsky ( Girls ).

Not only does it star actors from your two favorite TV shows, the video stars the best actors and most compelling characters from your two favorite TV shows. Girls' most redeeming quality is the character Ray and everyone knows Nicky is a delicate, troubled soul on Orange is the New Black. I digress.

The video, which is also directed by Karpovsky, tells a Sliding Doors-esque love story in which we see two people as their best and worst selves when they are together and apart. It's a little loving homage to Brooklyn as well, with its trendy cafés, tree-lined streets, and sweaty dance halls. Though the scene-stealer of the whole thing is a copy of Lena Dunham's, Not That Kind of Girl tucked into a gift basket. It's the most Brooklyn thing to ever Brooklyn.

The video oozes with Natasha Lyonne's signature cool and Karpovsky's classic grump, so take a look:

When There's Grump With a Side of Fries

How can you be sad when there are FRIES?

When Hailing a Taxi Has Never Looked Cooler

So. New. York.

When Breaking Up Was Grumpy

RUUUUUUDE. But hey, I've been there too.

When This Looked So Effortlessly Cool

How does she DO that?

When There Was the Urban Kitchen of Your Dreams

Just chopping onions and peppers like a BOSS.

When A Toaster Was Thrown into the Tub

Fry that grumpiness out!

When These Dead Plants Weren't the Saddest Thing in the Room

Are those sad tissues or happy tissues?

When this Apology Basket Happened


But He Still Looked Grumpy When Holding It

Come on man, have a little hope!

When Every Ex's Nightmare/Dream Scenario Happened

So much sad and so much cool all at once.

When She Was The Coolest Lady in Red

Swaying all gorgeously.

When the Saddest Concert Ever Happened

Poor dude(s).

When This Wedding Day Bliss Happened

That. Dress.

When The Bag of Poison Showed Up

The pits.

When Natasha Lyonne Really Was the Epitome of Cool

And we are all Alex Karpovsky.

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