'Another Period' Is The Comedy Central Take On 'Downton Abbey' Plus The Kardashians — So, Everything You Could Want

Natasha Leggero and Riki Lindhome have gone back in time with their new Comedy Central show Another Period . The women lead a star-studded ensemble, and when the show premieres on Tuesday, June 23, it will be clear that Another Period parodies other TV shows for sport. While the series is reminiscent of another hilarious parody show that came out in 2015 — Barely Famous — Leggero and Lindhome's chaotic comedy tackles even more absurd territory than Sara and Erin Foster did in their show. But, both revolve around two sisters of wealthy families trying to make a name for themselves in their bizarre worlds.

As Lillian and Beatrice, Leggero and Lindhome are two daughters of Dodo and Commodore Bellacourt in Newport, Rhode Island in 1902. The Bellacourts also have a son Frederick and daughter Hortense, and their mansion is run by a number of servants. With the pilot episode having Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan visiting the Bellacourt mansion to drink wine laced with cocaine, Another Period isn't afraid to mock almost anything. So, other TV shows: Beware. If Helen Keller is fair game — nothing is sacred.

Comedy Central already released a promo entitled "The Real Aristocrats of Bellacourt Manor," so the Real Housewives franchise obviously isn't safe from Leggero and Lindhome.

Comedy Central on YouTube

Touting themselves as the "Original Ballers," the Bellacourt family of Another Period are going to become your favorite TV family. So besides the Real Housewives, here are three other shows that Another Period is spoofing.

1. Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Another Period is filmed like a mockumentary with members of the household talking directly to the camera, so comparisons to reality TV are easy to make. With the Comedy Central show highlighting the extremely wealthy Bellacourt family, the series is definitely targeting America's reality TV royalty — the Kardashians. Keeping Up with the Kardashians is a reality TV empire and with self-obsessed people, like Lord Disick shown above. The Bellacourts of Another Period strive to be the Kardashians of 1902 and though they are much more vapid than the real deal, the Bellacourts obsession with status will remind you of the Kardashian clan.

2. Game Of Thrones

While HBO's fantasy show Game of Thrones has a ridiculous amount of storylines, there is one that Another Period is directly parodying — the incestuous love affair between twin siblings Jamie and Cersei. Jason Ritter's Frederick and Lindhome's Beatrice on Another Period are also twin siblings who are lovers. Beatrice is married to Albert, but since he prefers to have sex with Lillian's husband, Victor, he doesn't mind that his wife is sleeping with her brother. Although any incest plot points are bound to make you uncomfortable, Frederick and Beatrice's first sex scene in the the pilot episode will also make you laugh at the fact that their servants have to stand witness and undress the siblings.

3. Downton Abbey

Speaking of servants, Another Period most closely mocks another period drama (see what I did there??) — Downton Abbey. Downton Abbey takes place in 1912, 10 years after Another Period. Although a decade may separate them, the way the Bellacourts treat their servants is reminiscent of how the Crawley/Grantham clan relies on their maids, butlers, and valets. While Michael Ian Black's Peepers is no Mr. Carson, and no servant was ever forced to go by the name "Chair" like Christina Hendricks' Celine had to, you'll be reminded of how Downton Abbey's Cora says the word "seerrrvant" whenever you see the Bellacourts abuse their household staff. It should definitely make for an interesting, and hilarious, show.

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