Lady Gaga's Red Oscar Gloves Make A Comeback

She's been compared to everyone from Captain America to Cruella De Vil, but that hasn't stopped Lady Gaga from recycling her red gloves from the 2015 Oscars. She wore the custom Azzedine Alaïa gloves in New York City this week, which completed her casual (at least for Gaga) outfit. It's the first time that the infamous pair of crimson leather handwear made a public appearance since the singer wore them to the red carpet earlier this year.

Paired with a polka dot blazer, graphic tee, and white skirt, Lady Gaga's leather gloves added a bright pop of color to her Sunday stroll outfit. Fans immediately noticed that the pair was similar to the red gloves that launched several memes back in February, which she wore with a stunning white ballgown — also custom designed by Alaïa. While the Internet had a field day spoofing the "dishwashing" mitts, Lady Gaga said she felt honored that the Tunisian-born couturier made such an iconic look for her Oscars red carpet moment, including the hand dyed Crimson gloves.

I applaud Lady Gaga for finding a new way to rock her custom Alaïa gloves and reusing it in such a different yet still fashionable way. She breathed new life into an accessory that she felt deeply connected to, even though the rest of the world couldn't quite grasp its beauty. She's telling those fashion critics and meme-makers that the joke truly is on them, and that wearing something she was ridiculed for is much like giving them the middle finger. In custom, red leather Alaïa, of course.