Harry Styles Calls Out Friend For Stealing His Girlfriend, But He's Not Mad, Because, You Know, He's Super Famous — VIDEO

Oh snap. On Saturday in Norway, a One Direction concert got super real after Harry Styles called out a friend for stealing his girlfriend in high school. That's right, during the show, Styles told the audience (filled with lots of screaming fans) that one of his friend's named Jack Robinson was at the concert and he wanted to fill them all in on a story from their high school days. Apparently, at 14 years old, Styles' girlfriend was "stolen" by Robinson. And he had the nerve to go to a 1D concert?!

Before you One Direction fans get yourselves worked up in a tizzy, it appears Styles was just joking with his buddy. I'm going to assume he knew Robison would be at the concert, so he decided to pull a fast one and tell the story. As the famously long-haired singer told concert goers, "I was about 14 years old, and Jack Robinson stole my girlfriend.” He then added jokingly, “If he’s still here at the end of the show, feel free, little kicks, little digs on the way out.” Styles even declared at the end of his anecdote, “I love you, sir.”

See? It's all good. Plus, it probably helps just a little bit that Styles is a really famous singer with a lot fans who are in love with him. I bet he likes to rub that in Robinson's face at times, right? I mean, who wouldn't? It's also good to know that he doesn't hold a grudge and can laugh about a silly situation from high school.

With that said, I bet Robinson is thrilled that Styles made him famous — even if it is for stealing his girlfriend.

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