Sienna Reveals #GirlCrush On Keira

Both women have graced the cover of every major fashion and entertainment magazine in the last several years, but Sienna Miller calls Keira Knightley the most beautiful woman that she's ever met. The two co-starred in the 2008 romantic drama The Edge of Love as two women involved with the same man. In a recent interview with German magazine Jolie, Miller gushed about her fellow British actress and mother, and also shared her own simple yet effective beauty secret.

"The most beautiful woman I've ever seen? Keira Knightley," Miller said. "She has simply stunning genes." In the 2008 film, the actresses were cast as the loves of poet Dylan Thomas' life. Miller played his wife Caitlin while Knightley starred as a former girlfriend of Thomas (played Matthew Rhys). Their love triangle eventually turned into a friendship between the two women, which somehow mirrored their real life experience. Even though there wasn't any rivalry between Miller and Knightley, the film brought them closer and they have been friends ever since. When asked by the New York Post last year if she had any advice for new mom Knightley, Miller said, "She doesn't need any advice. She will be perfect."

With half a dozen films coming out this year, there's no doubt that Miller is one of the busiest actresses in Hollywood. She says that while she enjoys balancing work with her life as a mother to her three-year-old daughter Marlowe, she finds that staying hydrated helps her look and feel beautiful. "At home I drink a lot of still water, when I go to a restaurant I have sparkling water," Miller said. "With a child and my job, I have enough to do, I can't always make it to the gym."

Stay fab, Sienna.

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