Radley Is Closed On 'Pretty Little Liars,' But Who Bought The Building & Where Are The Patients?

It’s the end of an era on Pretty Little Liars Season 6 and, it seems, the start of even more theories (if that were even possible). On Tuesday night, "Game On, Charles" revealed that Radley Sanitarium is now closed following the sale of the building, which just so happens to be the scene of many a Rosewood mystery (and probably a few murders). What the fresh hell? Can they just do that?

For those of you who didn’t watch the Season 6 premiere, let me catch you up. Charles finally let the Liars back into the dollhouse following their half “escape” in the Season 5 finale, he tortured them (to what degree we don’t know), and he made them dress like their Season 1 selves. Concurrently, Ali (her murder conviction overturned), Ezra, and Caleb were trying to find Andrew Campbell, who everyone thinks kidnapped the girls (but I will go on record saying that no, that is way too easy) so he can lead them to his lair. Oh, and Sara Harvey, the girl that went missing around the same time as Ali, she’s been down in the DiLaurentis Dungeon since she was kidnapped, and she is alive! FYI, the look that everyone gave her when they pulled her out of the underground lair was like hilarious. Like, liars, you didn’t even notice there was another human down there with you? Also, all of the liars, including Ali and Mona, know that Charles is a DiLaurentis, and now the search will begin to find out as much info as is humanly possible about this guy. Is he Jason’s twin? Is he a cousin? Is he Andrew?

So, anyway, back to Radley. The news of the mental hospital’s closing was kind of an afterthought, scrolled across the bottom of a television report that Toby and Detective Tanner were watching, but this is huge news, considering all of the secrets that Radley held. Bethany Young, Mona, and Spencer all spent time in Radley; Aria volunteered there; Toby’s mom died there; and Wren worked there. There is no single institution that covers all of those characters’ lives but Radley. Who was the building sold to? Who would want anything to do with an old, corrupt mental hospital?

Another concern is what happened to all of Radley's patients when it closed down. Were they just suddenly released? Transferred to other facilities? (Either way, I hope Big Rhonda is OK). Unless Charles is some sort of billionaire (which he could be given that he has Special Ops-training and an unlimited budget to blow things up, it seems), he couldn’t buy the building. Whoever did, though, is totally related to A.

The sale of the building could also be a cover-up to permanently shut down all of the secrets that were held in Radley. Someone doesn’t want the Liars or anyone else in Rosewood to know what really happened there. So far, it doesn’t seem like Charles DiLaurentis has any ties to Radley, save for the fact that his assumed mother, Jessica DiLaurentis, used to go there often to visit Bethany Young.

My mind is blown, you guys, and I’m still recovering. I need to know more about Radley, and I need it now. Too bad I have to wait until next week for the next episode of Pretty Little Liars.

Images: Eric McCandless/ABC Family; Giphy (2)