‘The Walking Dead’ Male Cast In Real Life Show How Much The Zombie Apocalypse Can Change A Guy

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After they are done fighting zombies, in real life the men of The Walking Dead head back to their trailers and shower off all the dirt and fake blood that has been carefully applied by fabulous makeup artists. What do these Walking Dead guys look like after a shower, though? Fans have been obsessed with Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon for years now, but we haven't really seen them out of their ratty clothes and in their normal day-to-day lives.

Are the actors who play those characters just as attractive or are we simply drawn to the sweaty men who heroically fight off zombies all day? Luckily, the stars (special shoutout to Norman Reedus) look great all the time, so while we patiently wait for the new season of The Walking Dead , there's no harm in checking out our favorite dudes look like in their daily lives.

Image: Gene Page/AMC

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