What Does 'Veronica Mars' Do All Summer?

Teen detective Veronica Mars is pretty much always on, and nowhere is that more obvious than in the fact that every season of the show begins near the start of a new school year. It's not that Veronica doesn't have some eventful summers, of course. The summer between Season 1 and Season 2 saw her and Logan breaking up and Veronica and Duncan getting back on, after all, much to the displeasure of LoVe fans everywhere who began counting down the episodes until the greatest 'ship the show has ever sailed got back together. However, we don't get to see much of how Veronica Mars spends her summer vacation, because it's not her free time that matters to us. It's her snark, wit, and intelligence being applied to solving the many, many, many problems of her wayward classmates — for cash.

However, I, more than anyone, believe that sometimes all a girl needs is some rest and relaxation. And not every summer is going to feature your boyfriend being a suspect in a murder trial and having to be forcibly removed from your home by your father. Well, OK, many of Veronica's summers have probably had similar issues, but, if she didn't have the lead-up to another year-long case to worry about, if she took a summer vacation to just rest and relax and hang out with her father, exactly what would happen during those three months?

Fear not, Marshmallows, because I've already imagined it for you.

1. She'd Stumble Into A Mystery

It's Veronica Mars. She doesn't need to find trouble. Trouble will always find her. Anywhere she might go on vacation, she will find that vacation interrupted by a mystery playing out right in front of her, or by being called back to Neptune to help someone get out of trouble. It's kind of what she lives for.

2. She & Keith Would Go On A Road Trip

Still, let's imagine for a moment that she does manage to go away. In all likelihood, Veronica would take the opportunity to go on a road trip with her father. She might have been desperate to get out of Neptune at first, but her father is one of the many reasons she ultimately decided to return, and the two of them could always spend more time together.

3. She & Logan Would Go To The Beach

No, this is not an excuse for more LoVe makeout scenes while one or both of the two are scantily clad. What are you talking about? (However, I'm not ruling out the possibility that the two might go skinny dipping together, the way Veronica did alone in Season 1 when she was still with Troy. Fingers crossed.)

4. Lots Of Netflix Dates With Wallace

If there's one thing that Veronica and Wallace love to do, it's sit inside and watch movies all day. "Our bond grows stronger every day, He Who Has Satellite Dish" indeed. With the amazing invention that is Netflix, I'm sure the two of them would marathon not just movies but basically every TV show under the sun. Soon, Wallace will get all of her pop cultural references.

5. She'd Help Mac Have A Summer Fling

It's been a while since Mac was in a loving relationship. Like, a long while. Veronica isn't exactly the prime matchmaker of Neptune, but, at the very least, she would accompany Mac while she goes on some Tinder dates or even gives speed dating a try. Summer lovin', am I right? It's time for Mac to have her a blast.

6. She'd Pay Her Respects To Lilly

Do you think Veronica could have three months of free time without thinking about Lilly or going to her memorial to pay her respects? Wallace and Mac are great, as are Piz, Logan, and her father, but Veronica and Lilly were so close that they were basically sisters, and that's not really the kind of thing you can replace.

7. She'd Be Really Bored

Three months? Free time? No work? No mysteries to solve? Veronica would be climbing the walls with boredom, or about ready to try offing one of her friends to see if she could get away with it, just to have something to do. Some people were built for vacations, but Veronica Mars isn't one of them. You can take the girl out of the adventure, but you can't take the adventure out of the girl.

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