Exes Gigi Hadid & Cody Simpson End Up Next To Each Other On A Plane, But It Easily Could've Been Worse — PHOTO

There aren’t many days that I don’t wish I was the beautiful and successful Gigi Hadid, but Monday, when she trekked home from the Much Music Video Awards was one of those days. Before you think I’m totally crazy for denouncing a life of fame and fortune, let me explain. You see, on that particular day, Gigi Hadid found herself sitting next to Cody Simpson on her flight home. A curious airplane seat partner, for sure, considering he’s her ex-boyfriend and all. Her very new, very recent ex-boyfriend. This was perhaps the one time it’d be preferable to sit next to the plane passenger staples Nervous Father With A Screaming Infant and Woman With A Penchant For Cacophonous Snoring.

But, because both Hadid and Simpson have never shown anything but restraint and poise, their situation wasn't as disastrous as you might think it would have been. They saw the humor in the obvious awkwardness, so much so, that Simpson Snapchatted a photo of himself and Hadid with the caption, “When u get seated next to ur ex on a plane.” He punctuated the Snapchat with a fitting skull emoji, because the singer and the model are cool like that.

Even though this seating arrangement probably wasn't ideal, there are definitely worst things than being forced to merely share some intimate cabin air with your good looking ex. In fact, I can think of a few.

Here are six airplane situations that could have made Hadid and Simpson’s ride home even more uncomfortable.

1. Climbing Over One Another To Get To The Bathroom

Doesn't it always end like this?

2. Reaching For The Last Bag Of Complimentary Cool Ranch Doritos At The Same Time

No, you take it. No, you take it. No, you! No, you. I insist.

3. Falling Asleep And Resting Their Heads On One Another's Shoulders

We've all done it and to people we've been far less acquainted with, am I right?

4. Sharing The Middle Arm Rest

Just going to uncomfortably lean on one butt cheek for the entirety of this ride as to avoid any accidental physical contact...

5. Hitting Particularly Rough Turbulence

Hey, it's scary. We could all use a little comfort sometimes.

6. Standing One Breath Away From Each Other As They Wait To Get Their Overhead Bags In A Mob Of Other Passengers

Though I'm sure Hadid and Simpson would handle it with much more poise than Helga.

Let's just hope for their sake that none of these things actually happened. *Gulps*"

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