What Does Danielle Staub Think Of Teresa Giudice Being In Prison? We All Know She's Not One To Keep Quiet

Before her very public legal drama and subsequent jail sentence, the words many people immediately associated with Teresa Giudice were "prostitution whore" and "table flip." Her infamous freakout moment from the Real Housewives of New Jersey season one finale will live on forever in reality television history, and Giudice's anger toward her former costar, Danielle Staub, in that scene could never, ever be surpassed.

Yes, Danielle was a pretty polarizing cast member and left the show after the second season, but there's no doubt that she brought great entertainment value to The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Teresa, on the other hand, used the show as a platform to launch multiple business ventures, from a hair care line, to her own signature liquor, to New York Times best-selling cookbooks. The show has allowed the mother of four to have great opportunities that she would never have had otherwise. She has crossed the line from being a Bravo reality star to being a household name. So I can't help but wonder if Danielle is at all bitter that she didn't have a longer time on Real Housewives. I also wonder how she feels about her former nemesis getting thrown in jail.

Has Danielle said anything about Teresa's jail sentence? Well, of course she has. She's Danielle.

Her Thoughts Before The Sentencing

Before Teresa was sentenced, Danielle was not what most would call "supportive" when it came to Teresa's legal troubles. The former reality star tweeted quite a bit bashing Teresa and her family. She also retweeted messages from fans hating on the Giudice clan. She even threw Bravo mastermind Andy Cohen under the bus in one of her tweets by calling him out with "@Andy" mentioned in one of her Twitter replies.

Her Shady Retweet

Immediately following Giudice's sentencing in October 2014, Danielle retweeted a post from a fan about karma and added "yup" as her additional comment. Given the timing, everyone assumed that the retweet was shade directed at her former costar.

Her Change Of Heart

That tweet did not paint Danielle in the best light, and soon after, in October 2014, she spoke to Billy Bush and Kit Hoover during an episode of Access Hollywood with some kinder words. Danielle said, "Just live your life, and know that whatever is behind you is done, and you only have the future ahead of you. And this is not a lot of time that you'll be away from them, but it's going to be painful." I doubt Teresa had it in her to watch Access Hollywood coverage of her own legal case, so I kind of doubt that she got this message. Plus, I can't really picture her wanting to tune into a Danielle Staub interview when they are far from friends.

Her Hope Of Reconciliation

In that same Access Hollywood interview, Danielle expressed hope of a reunion with Teresa. The sometimes singer said, "I don't really hold a grudge about any of the things that happened … I want Teresa to know that she can reach out to me, I have no ulterior motive." I wonder if Teresa has heard about this interview, and what she would think about Danielle's jump from shade to a plea for friendship. But anything is possible. At the last RHONJ reunion, both Teresa and Dina Manzo said they would pick Danielle to return to the show out of all the original cast members.

I can't blame Danielle for having some bitter feelings about an old nemesis, but it seems like when it comes down to it, she feels bad for her former costar and has kind wishes for the Giudice family.