This Condom Vending Machine In An Australian Library Will Make All Your Safe Sex Dreams Come True

The last time I got something out of a vending machine, it was a Garden Salsa -lavored bag of Sun Chips that cost me a dollar, didn't do much for the healthy eating kick I was on, and, ultimately, left me pretty unsatisfied. "Will vending machines ever sell me anything useful?", I wondered. But hey, all my questions and prayers have been answered by this condom machine in a public library in Australia. According to the Herald Sun, the vending machine is part of an initiative to decrease the spread of STIs and unintended pregnancies in Maribyrnong, where the condom-selling machine is located in the Footscray Public Library. Talk about YAAAAS.

It seems that as the world spins madly on, vending machines are no longer just for bags of chips that have more air than food or overpriced, sugary drinks. There are crepe vending machines in Japan, marijuana vending machines that will get you high for a dollar, medical mask vending machines in Taiwan, and a caviar vending machine in Los Angeles. I guess sometimes the rich and fancy don't have time to actually sit down for their weekly plate of baby fish eggs.

While it's not uncommon to see condom-dispensing vending machines on college campuses, this was certainly the first time I've heard of a sex-related vending machine in a non-university space; it seems to me that it will have a positive impact on the town, though, so I'm all for it. Not in Maribyrnong yourself? Here are four other sex-related vending machines that actually exist, just in case you ever find yourself in need of a quick fix of something.

1. PinkBox


PinkBox is a vending machine that sells dildos, so the person behind you can see exactly what color, shape, and size you like inside of you. It made its debut at the Philadelphia Burlesque Festival just a few weeks ago.

2. Porn Vending Machine


A vending machine in Kyushu, Japan sells pornographic magazines for those who still consume their porn and erotica in print.

3. Lube Vending Machine


In 2008, Brown University announced a safe-sex vending machine that sold lube, flavored dental dams, latex gloves, and condoms from a gender neutral bathroom in one of the dorms, with the cost of items ranging from a dime to a quarter.

4. Tabooboo


These Australian vending machines not only sell sex toys, but they also sell lube, leather accessories, underwear, gifts, games, and playwear.

Images: Paulk /Flickr; Giphy (4)