How To Not Look Hungover After A Night Out

We've all been there. Starring at ourselves in the mirror wondering how we're going to hide the fact that we're hungover. Puffy eyes, blotchy skin, and overall dehydration are tell-tale signs that you maybe aren't feeling your best. Whether it was too many tequila shots or a happy hour gone awry, either way you're definitely feeling it today — #nojudgement. However, the world doesn't have to know that. There are several ways to combat that irritating hangover.

First thing to remember is that you will survive this. Even though it may feel as if you are dying, your body is just detoxing. Whether your head is pounding or you just keep sweating, your body is working it's hardest to replace its key nutrients. This whole process is why you don't look so hot when you're hungover. It's very hard to feel fabulous when you're sweating profusely, let's be honest. Just think of this as a way to put your beauty skills to the test. So even though you aren't feeling your best, you can still try to look your best. It may take a little extra effort, but it's totally worth it to hide your hangover. Forget about all of the wine you drank last night, and get to primping. You totally got this!

1. De-Puff your eyes

Tired, puffy eyes are the worst when you're hungover. They are a tell-tale sign that you totally didn't get enough sleep last night. Combat those puffy eyes with refreshing tea bags. Dampen the bags with water, and then apply to your eye area. The caffeine in the tea will work to de-puff your eyes while antioxidants in the tea leaves will reduce swelling and tighten the skin. Even though this may take you a few extra minutes in the morning, it is completely worth it!

2. Whiten your eyes

There is absolutely no reason to have bloodshot eyes after a night out! Eyedrops come in a variety of formulas to whiten and soothe red eyes. Not the best at apply eyedrops? Hold the bottle against the corner of your eye, and squirt a few drops. Move your eyes side-to-side to coat your eye. This is my favorite way to apply eyedrops as I don't tend to tear up as much.

3. Wear deodorant

It's no secret that alcohol makes you sweat. It's your body's natural way of getting rid of all of those nasty toxins. However, don't be caught with B.O. Make sure to apply an extra swipe of deodorant before you leave the house.

4. Orange concealer

The best way to conceal those blue and purple tone circles under your eyes is with orange concealer. Just think of the color wheel. Colors that are opposite to one another on the color wheel are complementary colors. In the world of makeup, this means that complementary colors are the best for covering any discolorations.

5. Pack on bronzer

Pale, colorless skin got you down? Pack on some extra bronzer today to add the glow back to your skin. As your body is detoxing from the alcohol, you face can tend to lose some of it's natural sheen and color. To combat this, add a few extra swipes of bronzer all over your face to perk up your look.

6. Apply moisturizer

Tired skin is usually dehydrated skin. Add some life back into your face with a concentrated moisturizer. Choose a moisturizer that will plump up your skin to create a dewy, glowing look.

7. Take Aspirin

Asprin doesn't just work for your headaches. Aspirin has anti-inflammatory properties, so it will help take some of the redness from your face and depuff those eyes. Basically, taking aspirin is an overall good idea when you're hungover.

8. Keep glowing

Nothing like blotchy skin to remind you of last night's tequila shots. Buff away those bad decisions with a brightening illuminator. Mix a liquid illuminator into your daily foundation or BB cream to create a lit-from-within glow.

9. Keep. Drinking. Water


Your body is mad at you. Replenish your body by drinking water. It sounds simple, but when you're hungover plenty of water is your best friend. It's the best solution to fixing all of your hangover problems.

Images: brainsil/Fotolia; Getty Images (1)