'Lava' Is Almost Better Than 'Inside Out' & It's All Due To Those Singing Volcanoes

Confession: I really, really liked Inside Out. I thought that Pixar's new movie was funny and brilliant and full of amazingly creative ideas that had me questioning the thought processes and emotional centers of everyone I know, including myself. But... it's not my favorite Pixar movie. By far. And I didn't cry (well, not that much). In fact, as much as I liked Inside Out (and I did, I swear!), I actually preferred the short that came before Inside Out, Lava , to the main movie.

I know I'm not alone in this — seriously, all you people I heard humming the "Lava" song on the subway, I know your secret — but it feels strange to say that I enjoyed a Pixar short more than actual Pixar movie. Then again, perhaps it just speaks to the quality of the studio's creations that both their full-length films and their shorts are worthy of serious acclaim. Still, I'm sure there are people who aren't convinced that a seven-minute short could be as good, if not better, than a feature film. To those, I say: watch Lava, and then you'll undoubtedly agree with these nine reasons the Pixar short is even better than Inside Out:

1. There's Singing

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I am an unabashed sucker for musicals, but I do have limits — there are no Glitter re-watches going on in my house. Thankfully, the music in Lava is genuinely great, with a song so gorgeous (not to mention catchy) that you'll be Googling how to buy it the moment the credits roll.

2. There Are Volcanoes Singing

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Beautiful music + personified objects = absolute emotional manipulation, but it totally works. I was hooked from the first moment Uku opened his volcano mouth.

3. The Names Are Amazing

Yes, there's Uku. And there's also his love interest, Lele. Which together form: Ukelele. Dammit, Pixar. You're too clever.

4. It Has Gorgeous Animation

The animation in Inside Out is fantastic, no question. Every character is vividly drawn, and the movie as a whole is nothing less than stunning. Yet there's just something about the animation in Lava that's just breathtaking; you're wowed by the very first frame.

5. It's About Love

Inside Out deals with some very important themes: growing up, parenthood, maturity and expressing emotion. Yet the one thing it lacks is real, romantic love. Of course, that's intentional; the main character is 11, and she's far more pre-occupied with getting adjusted to a new school than starting to date. Still, it's always nice to see an animated film surrounding love, and Lava, with its romance between the two volcanoes, is just that.

6. And It's About Unrequited Love

Is there anything more heartbreakingly beautiful than an animated character expressing his or her true feelings to another, only to be ignored? After seeing Lava, I can confidently inform you that the answer is a solid "nope."

7. It Won't Cause Your Parents To Hysterically Cry

Or, if you're a parent yourself, for you to burst into tears and horribly embarrass your kid with your cries of "I just want you to stay young forever."

8. There's Major Suspense

Sure, Inside Out is suspenseful, but does it have its suspense drawn out over millions of years?! I don't think so. In this category, Lava is the clear winner.

9. There's A Seriously Happy Ending

Again, Inside Out fits this bill: it's no spoiler to say that the movie ends on a relatively upbeat note. Yet in Lava, the happy ending feels like, well, it's a million years in the making. What's not to love about that?

Moral of the story: See Inside Out. See Lava. Cry at both, or don't cry at either. Take all your friends, or enjoy them solely with your parents by your side. Just see them. Pixar has made two incredible films, and we're incredibly lucky we get both at the very same time.

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