6 Things 'Independence Day: Resurgence' Makes People Think It's About Based On The Title Alone

In a Q&A livestream with the movie's cast, the title of the upcoming Independence Day sequel was announced, and it's as generically dystopian as they come. Independence Day: Resurgence is slated to come out June 24th, 2016, and, according to E!, is about "how the world has come together and prepared for an 'inevitable' second invasion." Jeff Goldblum, who starred as an brilliant scientist helping the President through the alien invasion in the original film, hinted more about what the action is about: "The world is different. I, for now, as you say, it's my job to lead the way in making sure everyone's safe on this precious and beautiful planet."

The film takes place twenty years after the first one, and Bill Pullman's president character has been replaced by a female president, played by Sela Ward. Ward hints that her president takes a tougher stand than Pullman's did in the first film. "It's a totally different political landscape," Ward said. "She's tougher, more decisive. Not afraid to use force. Sorry, Bill. It's a very different time."

With both the title and the description super vague at this point, here are things I think the film is about just from the title.

It's a New Divergent Sequel

The Divergent sequels are called Insurgent and Allegiant, and Resurgence sounds like the natural next film in the bunch. Independence Day: Resurgence is about Shailene Woodley's Tris running for president.

It's About Aliens Coming Back to Fix the Damage From the First One

Since the sequel is promising to be a more advanced sci-fi film, perhaps aliens have evolved to be so similar to humans that they feel guilt and shame. The space creatures truly did a lot of physical damage in the first one, so, in Resurgence, they come back to earth to help rebuild the White House.

It's About Reviving Patriotism

The first movie is revered for its crazy moving speech by President Bill Pullman, so rousing that you forget that it's about an alien invasion. We're arguably even more cynical about America now than we were in the '90s, so Independence Day: Resurgence could just be about a resurgence of American pride.

It's About the '90s Soda

Surge was a big soda in the nineties — much like Independence Day was one of the biggest movies of the decade. This fall, the Coca-Cola Company said that they were bringing it back, so Independence Day: ReSURGEnce is actually just an epic, two hour commercial.

It's About an Alien President

Wouldn't that be a sick twist? We know we have a new female president in the awesome Sela Ward, but what if the President herself was the enemy?

It's About the Resurgence of Mae Whitman

Whitman, who played the First Daughter in the first film, was replaced by Maika Moore. Moore, who starred in It Follows, is said to be replacing Whitman because of more "traditional hotness" and that she'd "more plausibly hook up with Liam Hemsworth." This is Hollywood sexism at its finest. Hopefully, this recasting news is all an elaborate hoax, built in the plot of the film, which is actually about Whitman resurging. Either way, I know I'm not alone in being excited to see it.

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