Emily Gilmore Was The Queen Of *Burns*

Nowadays, we're lucky enough to live in a world where strong, complex female characters on TV are not in such short supply. However, even back during the Gilmore Girls heyday, the concept was still relatively new. Perhaps there was more to these wifely roles than just cooking dinner and attending to her husband's every whim. Maybe her identity didn't have to center around a man. I mean, what a crazy notion, right? But, it was a challenge this series was happy to take on. Much like her daughter, Lorelai, Emily Gilmore was the queen of comebacks and a true force to be reckoned with. This Gilmore Girls grandmother, ahem, matriarch proved time and time again that she was so much more than any ordinary housewife. She was never afraid to speak her mind and had a knack for making grown men (and several maids, might I add) shiver in fear of her wrath.

Suffice to say, she was one very admirable, take-charge lady that we could all learn some very important lessons from. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that there's an Emily Gilmore comeback for pretty much any situation life throws at you. So, if you're ever in need of a sassy retort, just look to this Gilmore lady for some high-caliber inspiration.

1. When Your In-Laws Stop By For A Surprise Visit

When it comes to surviving such unwanted guests, threats are not just acceptable, but necessary.

2. When Your Roommate Contemplates Canceling Her Netflix Subscription

Seriously, who would even consider doing such a thing?

3. When Someone Tries To Be Funny & Fails

Nice try, but better luck next time.

4. When Your Boss Gets On Your Nerves

No one pushes Emily Gilmore around without getting a serious earful in return.

5. When Stupidity Is Running Amok

Forget the phrase, "Talk to the hand." Emily Gilmore wants you to talk to the mirror.

6. When You Decide To Join Tinder

No one would dare swipe left for you.

7. When Your BFF Gets Dumped By Her Boyfriend

'Nuff said.

8. When Manners & Social Courtesies Are Ignored

Nothing beats a good passive aggressive burn.

9. When You're Looking To Segway Into A Much Larger Issue

I see what you did there, Mrs. Gilmore.

10. When Haters Try To Mess With Affairs Of The Heart

She may be smiling, but her words are like daggers.

11. When A Fashion Choice Falls Short

NOPE. Try again, please.

12. When It's Simply Been Just One Of Those Days

No words necessary. Is it Friday yet?

Basically I think we've all just learned to bow down to the amazingness of Emily Gilmore.

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