'AHS' Rocks Entertainment Weekly Cover

I don't normally say this about Entertainment Weekly covers, but this is amazing. If you didn't think this show could get any better, you are about to be proven wrong, because it just did with this: American Horror Story: Coven 's EW cover has just been revealed, and there is so much awesome lady power on there, I don't even know where to look first. Jessica Lange, looking fiercer and hotter than most 20-somethings? Angela Bassett, looking like the badass she is? Kathy Bates' head on a platter because her character is a racist bitch who tortured slaves and imprisoned her own daughters? TOO MUCH AWESOME.

According to EW, the cover story in the issue will include "exclusive interviews with this season’s all-star trio Lange, Bates, and Bassett, plus AHS mainstays Sarah Paulson, Frances Conroy, Denis O’Hare," as well as give us all a look at what's expected to happen the rest of the season. Considering that the first six episodes have already included major character deaths, major character resurrections, incest, zombies, minotaurs, and lots of Fiona Goode's best bitchface, I'mma go ahead and guess we're in for a pretty crazy season. Plus, Stevie Nicks!

You can check out the cover below. The issue will reportedly be on stands this Friday.

Image: EW