Chris Rock On The 'Empire' Season 2 Set Reveals Clues About His Character Arc & It Looks Intense — VIDEO

We only have to wait three more months until Empire Season 2 premieres. Since the show was such an explosive sensation in its first year, it is interesting to read up on how the show's writers will build on its momentum in the sophomore season. It was announced in May that Alicia Keys, Lenny Kravitz, and Chris Rock will have arcs on Empire, and, on Monday, we got our first glimpse of Rock in costume.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Rock is going to be playing "a person from the past," but co-creator Danny Strong promises more flashbacks, more exploration of Cookie and Andre's relationship, and EVEN MORE battling. At the ATX Television Festival, co-creator Danny Strong also promised themes inspired by King Lear and Game of Thrones. “Season one was who will inherit the throne, and season two is warring kingdoms.” Strong said, “So you’ll see the kingdom go to war for the throne.” We'll watch the throne? That's been a proven success in the rap world!

In the small teaser that was posted by the official Empire Instagram, Rock is seen giving us our first taste of his upcoming role and there are a lot of clues about his arc that we can take from it. Check out the video below, and the three important things we learned in this short clip.

His Character Is In Prison

"He's going to get you to the jail house, quickly," a "Correctional Officer" Ms. Lisa, tells Rock, as Rock is rocking the orange prison jumpsuit. If Rock is playing "a person from the past," maybe he has something to do with the drug deal that sent Cookie to jail?

He's Not Exclusively in Flashbacks

Rock doesn't have any "period" hair or facial hair like we usually get in Empire's flashbacks, which tell us that Luscious and Cookie will be interacting with him in the present.

He's Working Directly With Lee Daniels


"How's it going, Lee Daniels? Academy Award nominated director," Rock says, smiling. With Empire co-creator and Oscar nominee Daniels directing his episodes, the stakes are high. Daniels will imbue the episodes with the same sensitivity and passionate drive as his films Precious and Lee Daniels' The Butler. From this teaser alone, you can tell that Season 2 is going to blow our minds.

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