11 Ways To Make Your Rainbow Bookshelf Look Extra-Gorgeous To Celebrate Pride

Sometimes, good things happen. One of those things happened Friday: the Supreme Court has ruled same-sex marriage bans unconstitutional, effectively legalizing gay marriage across the board. The case questioned the constitutionality of same-sex marriage bans that were in effect in Kentucky, Michigan, Tennessee, and Ohio; it's one of the most controversial and historic SCOTUS cases this century.

This is a proud and happy moment. You know what else makes us proud and happy? Rainbow bookshelves. Whether or not a reader color-codes their titles in a show of solidarity with the gay community, these gorgeous shelves pretty much scream pride.

Even if you’re not a natural-born neat freak, there’s no denying that a collection of color-coded items is a near-orgasmic aesthetic experience. And there’s something about a rainbow-hued bookshelf in particular that makes a room sing in perfect feng shui harmony; even though it probably takes a lot of sweat, blood (hello, papercuts!), and maybe even tears, a highly organized bookshelf is worth the effort.

In celebration of SCOTUS' historic decision, take a peek at these 11 feats of colorful courage. It'll make you feel proud just looking at them — but they may inspire you to revamp your own shelves, too!

1. Rainbow fairy lights add an extra-magical touch to an already magical-looking shelf

2. Highlight your Technicolored reads with a bright white bookshelf for contrast...

3. ...But it'll look equally awesome when paired with a boldly-colored wall

4. Make your bookshelf the focal point of the room

5. An organized shelf = and organized mind

6. Spruce up your display with potted plants...

7. ... Or color-coded tchotchkes...

8. ... Or your Hello Kitty collection...

9. ... Or your HP pride.

10. Rainbow decor always makes a space kid-friendly...

11. ... And selfie-friendly.

Images: Daniella Rana, booknerdis, gatheredstardust, moveloot, cosbooks, misterreads, radiantbooks, kawaiibooks, sam_verricharmed, rebootedmockingjay/Instagram; juhansonin/flickr