Gretchen Röehrs' Instagram Combines Food With Fashion In The Best Way Possible

Any time that fashion and food combine, I’m in heaven. Illustrator Gretchen Röehrs' Instagram account has gone and stolen my heart because it does just that — links food with fashion in the best way possible! She sketches models wearing food as clothing, and it’s just the most deliciously amazing thing I’ve ever seen.

You can see tons of the sketches on her Instagram, so uhh, make sure you start following her, stat, because you’re going to want this goodness on your feed like, yesterday. The sketches are part of a series of 100, so she’s bound to continue making my day with more of these cute culinary fashion illustrations soon. I can’t wait to see more!

Using everything from banana peels to lettuce as dresses and jumpsuits for the tiny figures, her drawings are absolutely inspired and so in style. I wish these looks could exist in real life, because having a snack and a dress in one seems like it’d be pretty cool, you know what I mean? I've often wished my skirt was made of candy or something equally delicious that I could nibble on in a pinch.

To see fashion and food collide in the best way possible, scroll through some images from Röehrs' Instagram. Make sure you’ve got a snack handy — you may get hungry after seeing this. Hunger pains and all, you’ll love every second of it.

Snap Pea Ensemble

Aren't you just green with envy over this look?

Banana Jumpsuit

I'm peeling myself! I'm peeling myself! (Get it? I crack myself up.)

Gown Of Greens

So elegant!

Queen Of Carbs

Why eat your carbs when you could wear them? Or better yet, do both.

I Heart Artichoke

I've never loved artichokes more than I do right now.

Best food porn ever, am I right?