'Mr. & Mrs. Smith' Reality Show In The Works, But How Closely Will It Relate To The Film?

What would Brangelina think? Despite Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's talent and undeniable intrigue, this question isn’t coming from someone who’s completely consumed with whatever floats through a couple of A-listers' exceptionally gorgeous heads. Instead, it is something that crossed my mind as dedicated TV viewer who is a wee bit perplexed over the fact that there will soon be a Mr. & Mrs. Smith reality show coming to a lineup near you. According to Deadline, 3 Ball — the same production company responsible for Extreme Weight Loss — has teamed up with New Regency Films to create game show inspired by the film, which will include married couples taking part in a "high-octane, high-stakes" competition. That sounds like an interesting concept for a reality show, but it's kind of difficult to imagine how this will work.

For starters, the 2005 Mr. & Mrs. Smith movie starred Jolie and Pitt as a rather attractive pair of assassins who also happened to be married to one another. Upon discovering that they were tasked with killing one another, they went about to trying to complete the mission as ordered. Palpable sexual tension ran rampant, and destruction ensued. Now, seeing as how the reality show is based off the film, that automatically implies that the show will have to do away with the whole murder-for-hire concept — but how will it, when it was the entire point of the movie?

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I mean, to be fair, there have been some extremely bizarre reality shows that certainly pushed the envelope. A reality show called Sex Box, for instance, where couples actually had sex in a private, soundproof box on stage before emerging to discuss their relationship with a group of therapists waiting outside. Sounds crazy in theory, but it actually works. If there's room for that, then I suppose a Mr. & Mrs. Smith reality show can work around that whole dilemma of staying true to the film by not staging real-life blood baths for entertainment purposes. The producers have yet to release any additional details, so it’s only fair to reserve judgment for when this Mr. & Mrs. Smith-based series actually airs.

(On another note — I can't be the only dying from a statement from Brangelina, right?!)

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