Olivia Culpo Wears '90s Overalls For A Second Time, Continues To Kill This Look

When Olivia Culpo channeled the ‘90s in overalls with her latest look, it was much different from her all-white street style chic ensemble, but it was just as good! She did the throwback trend proud, that’s for sure. Culpo’s been owning the street style game in some overalls lately, and honestly who knew that the one-piece item could look this good or be so versatile?

With distressed jean overalls paired with a black crop top and choker necklace, she was definitely giving off a tough girl, biker-chic kind of feel that was much different from her typical beauty queen style. But this whole bad girl thing totally works for her, too. Who needs Nick Jonas when you can rule the world in some overalls, you know? ’90s girl power, for real!

Good news is, you can totally channel your inner rebel and try out this look of Culpo’s for yourself! You only need three items — denim overalls, a black crop top, and a choker necklace — to pull off this badass I-belong-in-the-‘90s feel. I’m sure you’ll feel like you could take on the world in this outfit, because the '90s is best decade, am I right?

See all of the inspiration you’ll need to pull this look off here:


Distressed Bib Overalls, $32.90, Forever 21

Mineral Wash Denim Overalls, $34.90, Forever 21+

Crop Top

Crop Top With Halter Neck, $32.62, ASOS

High Neck Crop Top, $39.87, ASOS Tall


Bye Vegan Leather Choker, $62, Nasty Gal

Cube Choker, $10.87, ASOS

Diamond Pendant Choker, $7.90, Forever 21

Go on with your bad, overall wearing self!

Images: Courtesy Brands