Bacteria & Germs In Nail Salons Are A Real Issue, So Remember To Ask These 3 Questions At Your Next Mani Appointment

I know, the last place you probably want to feel stressed out is a perfectly zen little nail salon, but you could practically be asking for an infection if you're not careful about where you go. SheFinds exposed 4 places most likely harboring bacteria and germs in nail salons, but asking three key questions once you walk in could help you determine whether or not you want to stay. Nail salons are all about treating yourself, so it's worth the extra effort to make sure where you're going is as safe as possible!

Before you even consider a nail salon, make sure it's met all licensing requirements. Dr. Gary Evans, podiatrist and inventor of daniPro Nail Polish highlights this point and said, "Make sure your salon is licensed by your state, and your pedicurist is a licensed nail technician. This will assure you that they have the knowledge to provide the cleanest, safest environment for you.” So if you can't see your nail tech's certification or it looks in any way fraudulent, get the heck outta there!

Once you've found a salon and nail tech that meet all current licensing requirements, it's time to scan the scene. Remember, running through this quick checklist could save you from a seriously gnarly infection later.

1. Are the floors clean?

Evans pointed out that slimy, moist floors can mean you leave with not only a fresh coat of polish, but exposure to fungus that could cause warts or athletes foot. Yuck.

2. Are the reusable tools sterilized?

If you're not positive, ask for a new or freshly sterilized set (heck, you could even bring your own in). If the receptionist or nail techs hesitate, leave, leave, leave, leave. Clean salons meeting licensing requirements will easily comply with this!

3. Are your emery board and nail buffer brand-spankin' new?


Salons should be well-stocked with disposable emery boards and nail buffers and making sure you get new ones is a way to show your fingers some love! Who wants dead skin from a stranger grinding down into their nails? Ew.

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