Rihanna Might Be Starting Her Own Fashion Line, Plus 4 Looks We'd Like To See In Her Collection

Rihanna is best known for her pop songs, but that could be changing soon. The singer, who's no stranger to breaking fashion rules, may be expanding her empire to include clothing. Grazia magazine reports that Rihanna is starting her own fashion line.

The magazine's exclusive article claims that Rihanna's company, Roraj Trade, LLC, has filed an application with the U.S. Patent and Trademarks Office for the name "$CHOOL KIlls." The patent, which was registered and trademarked in May, has been filed under the "leather products" and "clothing products" categories, according to the article. If the rumors are true, this could be the first time the singer releases an exclusive clothing line.

The move isn't too surprising, considering Rihanna's history with design. In 2013, she released a fashion line, Rihanna for River Island, with the London-based chain. The winter collection featured sleek dresses and sporty separates, all with Rihanna's signature edge.

Let's also not forget how much of a fashion icon Rihanna is. The singer's Instagram is full of pictures of her latest outfits, which we hope will serve as inspiration for her clothing line. Although the name $CHOOL KIlls brings to mind uniform-inspired outfits, Rihanna's first collection is sure to be full of surprising looks. Here are four looks we hope she includes, inspired by her Instagram.

1. Structural Sunglasses

Rihanna loves a good pair of statement sunglasses, and these are two of our favorite looks from her Instagram. While her patent didn't technically include accessories, the singer clearly has enough pairs to draw design inspiration from.

2. Summery Crop Tops

Summer means crop tops, which Rihanna is definitely a fan of. She regularly shows off her toned abs with crop tops, both on the red carpet and when she's relaxing at home.

3. Sporty Jackets and Accessories

Rihanna's sporty looks are some of our favorites because she manages to create a high-low mix without being over-the-top. From jerseys and high socks to bedazzled bomber jackets, she knows her sportswear, which should definitely be included in her first collection.

4. Red Carpet-Worthy Maxi Dresses

Rihanna's red carpet looks are elaborate (and sometimes require a team of assistants to help her move), but they're also some of her most memorable outfits. While recreating them for her first fashion line would be a little far-fetched, she should channel those looks into something more wearable for her fans.