'Harry Potter' as Done by Wes Anderson

So you watched Saturday Night Live 's Wes Anderson parody, and it was awesome. But wouldn't it be even more awesome if you'd made it yourself? Alex Buono, the man behind the SNL skit has written a detailed, (and I mean detailed: it comes with diagram illustrations and everything) article on how to create your very own Wes Anderson spoof.

Buono is basically an Anderson expert, and he's broken down the color palettes for each movie so you can pick one, or mix and match. For the SNL Spoof, Buono says "We combined the dark pink signature color of The Royal Tenenbaums with the wall-papered flourish of Rushmore for the living room along with the faded yellow and teal palette of Life Aquatic and Moonrise Kingdom for the bedroom and kitchen."

Image: Beth Matthews

After explaining about picking a color scheme and throwing in some stop-motion animals, Buono loses me with really detailed description of how to film the scenes to achieve the exact right amount of Wes Anderson flair. You can read the full article here if you're interested in the film part and want to make your own. (Which, if you do, you should totally send to us, because that's awesome.)

If you, too, got lost at that section, fret not! You may not be able to finish your film, but you can watch others' attempts from the comfort of your own home.

Check out the Rushmore-esque take on Harry Potter:

Wes Anderson's The Fellowship of the Ring:

Men in Black wasn't spared an Anderson makeover, either:

Even Conan O'Brien got in on the action and created "The Life Galactic" a Star Wars parody: