There's A Goat Beauty Pageant In Lithuania Because These Farm Animals Are Extremely Fashionable, Don't You Know?

If you thought Toddlers and Tiaras was strange, you'll never believe the beauty pageant hosted by the town of Ramygala, Lithuania. The tiny town celebrated its 645th anniversary with a goat beauty pageant. Unsurprisingly, the town symbol of Ramygala is a goat, and the animal is highly revered.

This is the sixth year the Lithuanian town has hosted the pageant, which it refers to as the "Goat Parade" and the "Goat Glamour Contest." Ukraine Today posted a video of the event featuring goats in ties, dresses, and hats.

"Well there are many beauty contests for girls, so why not for goats?" spectator Marius Daniela said in the video.

Surprisingly, Lithuania isn't the only country in the world that values the beauty of goats. In 2008, Reuters posted an article about Saudi Arabian goat beauty contests, which are in a different league from the small one in Lithuania. Owners bring Najdi goats, which are native to the Gulf area surrounding Saudi Arabia, to an annual contest where the valuable goats sell for thousands of dollars.

With only seven contestants, the Ramygala goat beauty pageant is much smaller, but the winners' owners are just as proud. This year's winner, Marce, was a "handsome dark goat" whose owner says she can dance on command.