Tom Ford Turned The Apple Watch Into A Pocket Watch, Because Of Course He Did

The master of gentleman's style has really outdone himself on this one. Tom Ford just turned the Apple Watch into a pocket watch and it looks oddly chic. Somehow, the very old classic meets the very new classic (I mean, let's be real though, there's going to be a new version in like, two months). Seriously, I don't know who else could pull this look off except for the master of suiting himself.

How does one turn the flashy piece of tech into a pocket watch? Simple. He took off the watchband and instead attached a chain that leads right into a jacket pocket. Tom Ford actually debuted this shiny new toy during his Spring/Summer 2016 show in London, but we're only now getting a closer peek.

Let's not get too excited, though. According to Mashable, some features won't work because of its new format. Most notably, the chain doesn't allow for the heart rate sensor to work, since the watch needs direct contact with your skin in order to function properly. Additionally, having the watch live in your pocket locks it automatically and you won't be able to use Apple Pay until you actually put it on or enter a passcode. Womp womp. Still looks pretty cool, though!

For a big chunk of history, fashion has never been about function, anyway. It's there to shock, to elicit a reaction, or to try something new. And this definitely covers all three of those bases. Paired with one of Ford's perfectly tailored suits, wearers will basically be the most technologically advanced sartorialists.

Images: @thechicgeekcouk/Instagram, @matthewschneier/Twitter