Prince George's Crocs Caused A Huge Increase In Crocs Sales After The Festival Of Polo

In microfashion news, Prince George was seen rocking an adorable outfit that consisted of a white-collared button up, a blue cardigan, and navy golfer shorts. But the highlight of the entire outfit had to be Prince George's Crocs. I know everyone has their own personal opinions on Crocs, but after seeing Prince George working the classic pair of Crocs at the Beaufort Polo Club in Gloucestershire for the Festival of Polo, almost every mom wanted their child to wear Crocs. That's not just an assumption — there is proof.

Crocs sold out in all their size 2s (Prince George's size) quickly after the event. That didn't stop savvy online shopping mothers from getting their hands on the royal shoe, however. Everyone and their mother (literally) headed over to Amazon Fashion, where the Crocs sales were said to have increased by 1500%. Normally, I would be really surprised at this extremely high statistic, but considering Prince George's mother is the ever-so-fashionable Duchess of Cambridge, it makes sense why this little style icon has been such a great influence in the toddler fashion scene.

It seems his Crocs aren't the only pieces that caught the eyes of fashionable mamas. Both his polo and cashmere cardigan were also sold out within 48 hours. What a tiny fashionista!