Will Kirsten & Cameron Date On 'Stitchers'? His Feelings Are Much More Complicated Than She Even Knows

Well I didn't have to wait long for my Stitchers shipping dreams to start slowly but surely coming true. The new ABC Family series is only four episodes old and it's already hinting at a potential relationship between new stitcher Kirsten and Cameron, her co-worker/science genius. On Tuesday night's episode, aptly titled "I See You," Cameron shows his overprotective side to Kirsten when it comes to health during stitches. He's clearly worried that she'll have the same kinds of negative side effects that previous stitcher Marta did, and we finally see the video of what happened to Marta during her final stitch before she went into her coma. Apparently she was too emotionally compromised by the stitch that her brain went haywire and Cameron was forced by Maggie to bounce Marta before finding the right neurological connection, causing the coma from which she recently awoke (something that Cameron doesn't know yet). Despite the unfortunate situation with Marta, there seems to be a deeper reason for Cameron worry for Kirsten. And yet he's not willing at the moment to entertain a romance or admit he has feelings for her despite her hinting at her developing feelings for him.

"I See You" followed the stitchers as they investigate the death of a man in Cameron's apartment building who was spying on people and performing kind acts as a good Samaritan to help them. But something he saw cost him his life. From the start of the case to the finish, Cameron was worried about Kirsten's safety. He checked up on her after her psych and health tests, he was too afraid to let her go head first into the dead man's last moments, and he was afraid to let Kirsten stitch into the dead man's brain for a second time despite her stating she was ready.

Cameron finally tells Kirsten the truth and shows her Marta's stitch that went wrong, and while Kirsten appreciates the gesture of openness, she explains that the two need to be honest with each other from now on. And Cameron tells her that losing her is too big of a risk for him so despite being more honest with her, he won't be able to stop worrying so much for her safety. After the case is solved, Kirsten, Camille and Linus are celebrating their success and Kirsten tries to find Cameron to join in the fun. She walks in on him in towel after having showered and doesn't turn her gaze away. The two lock eyes for a while before Cameron finally shuts the door on her.

Is Cameron's guilt over Marta's condition getting in the way of how he's starting to feel for Kirsten? Will he not let himself even entertain the idea of being with her because of it? Or could there be more involved? Perhaps he was once involved with Marta and as she got more and more emotionally compromised by the stitching, he was unable to stop her or really see the problem as it had never happened before. So her coma is not only a feeling of guilt as a scientist, but as a lover. Now that Marta's awake, I'm sure we'll find out the truth soon enough. But I need some more Cameron and Kirsten action ASAP!

Images: Screenshot/ABC Family (2)