Who Is Spying on Kirsten On 'Stitchers'? Her Dad Might Be Back In The Picture

More and more problems keep arising for the Stitchers program on ABC Family's hit series. Tuesday night's episode of Stitchers closed out a case involving a Peeping Tom/Good Samaritan with someone creepily spying on the stitchers. Unless this series follows its lead-in Pretty Little Liars and has a nefarious "A" whose identity we'll have forever to discover, I'm guessing that this secret watcher is directly related to the stitchers program and to Kirsten in particular. Could it be that Kirsten's mysterious father, aka the co-inventor of the stitchers program with Kirsten's now deceased guardian Ed Clark, is back in the picture? If so, it looks like we're going to be getting some answers, and inevitably a whole lot more questions.

I can only imagine that this secret watcher is Kirsten's father, whoever killed Ed Clark or someone we've yet to meet that has a vested interest in Kirsten since the spying only began after Ed Clark's death and after Kirsten joined the program. Kirsten is clearly connected to the stitchers programs in more ways than any of us or any of the characters can understand (aside from Maggie probably). It's safe to assume that this secret watcher was also in the stitchers lab watching Maggie when she believed to be alone.

All the signs keep pointing to Kirsten's father being the secret watcher in my opinion. He would want to know about Kirsten's stitching and the other things she's been up to. He'd also want to know Maggie's secrets, especially if the reason he's not around his because of her. I still believe that Maggie is not to be trusted and that she's hiding many things about her past and how she relates to Kirsten's guardians, both legal and biological. Perhaps Kirsten's dad is back to reveal secrets from the stitchers program that Maggie wants to keep secret, or he wants to take the program down. Perhaps he just wants to keep Kirsten safe.

Or perhaps it's someone else entirely who is watching Kirsten and Maggie. Let's not leave this mystery lingering too long, alright Stitchers writers?

Images: Screenshot/ABC Family